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With Marvel’s huge, and I mean over 80 issues huge, cross-over event, still lingering in our minds and thoughts to how match ups between Avengers and X-Men could have ended differently, Marvel has decided to capitalize on this by releasing a 4 issue arc that revolves around the same event but with different circumstances.

With the Phoenix returning to earth searching for its new host, Hope Summers, the Avengers see the threat to the entire planet and act quickly, trying to take Hope Summers into custody, willingly or by force.  The Avengers circle the mutant safe haven Utopia. This is where things take a change from the original run, where Cyclops and Captain America have a very heated match on the shores of Utopia. Magneto plays the vital role instead, confronting all the Avengers before any of them even land on Utopia along with Storm, Namor and Hope. The situation soon escalates and there are fatalities from the very first issue.


 There isn’t anything spectacular about the in-book art; however the covers are well done and express the issues’ contents exceptionally well. The entire series does span over 4 issues, and at R45.00 each I found the contents to be over-priced. Ideally, I would have probably have estimated this issue at R30.50.

The story is very fast paced, so fast that it feels rushed, crammed to fit into 4 issues. The main problem I have with this arc is that Magneto didn’t play a very dominant role throughout the AvX cross-over but in this arc he is the main villain whispering into the Phoenix’s ear. Earlier this year I got to review Magneto – Not A Hero, and I much prefer Magneto as a villain rather than the hero he is portrayed as today, but this is yet another short arc where they have taken the Magneto we know and given us the Magneto we want. Not very original in that aspect.



Overall this series is a must for any AvX fan boy but, for the average fan that just wants to see the Phoenix crush everything that stands in its way, this book is exactly that.

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