Hyde Park on Hudson Review

CoverStarring: Bill Murray(Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation), Laura Linney(Congo, Love Actually, The Savages), Olivia Williams(X-Men: The last stand, The Ghost Writer, Hanna), Samuel West(Notting Hill, Van Helsing), Olivia Colman(Hot Fuzz, Iron Lady), Elizabeth Marvel(The Bourne Legacy, Lincoln), Elizabeth Wilson(The Graduate, The Addams Family)

Roger Michell

It’s the summer of 1939, America has been hit by the great depression and the world is on the brink of war. The newly crowned King of England comes to America for the weekend to get the USA’s help in the on coming war. An awkward weekend at the Roosevelt’s home would mean the defeat or victory in the war to come…that is after cocktails, of course.

“Daisy” and President Franklin Roosevelt

Hyde park on Hudson is a biographical comedy drama, based on real events and some very old love letters between Margaret “Daisy” Suckley and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. She is the sixth cousin of the president and is asked by the president’s mother to come visit her ill cousin. They haven’t seen each other for years, but after looking at his stamp collection and lots of drives in his car, they form a romantic relationship. As the spring moves in to summer Daisy comes to visit FDR on a regular basis, she became part of the house hold and nobody questioned why she was there.

The Royals meeting President Franklin Roosevelt

The movie has a nice pace to it and you get to see a side of President Roosevelt that is more average joe than the president you see in other movies. The scene’s are beautifully lit and the soundtrack is also fitting for there respective scenes. You also get to see another side of Bill Murray’s acting which he does exceptionally well and got him a Golden Globe Award Nomination. Fun fact: the director(Roger Michell) is a local guy from Pretoria! He also directed a little movie known by all Ladies as Notting Hill…..

Hyde Park On Hudson
Elanor Roosevelt, Daisy and Franklin Roosevelt

That said this movie will not be everybody’s cup of tea(pardon the pun) and I would recommend this more for the person that likes art house type movies. It falls on the very delicate line of Hate/Love that you get with some entertainment, either you love it or want to rip it out of the DVD/Blu-ray player and play frisbee with it. This is your local Mad Scientist signing out………

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