HP Envy X2 Review

100% notebook, 100% tablet, 100% both. This is the slogan for the Envy X2, ever thought of how awesome it would be if your notebook and tablet was the same device? Well the time is here where that is possible.



We are living in a fantastic time for technology, where we see different types of technology coming together to give us the ability to be able to connect and interact with the digital almost everywhere and at any time. The Envy X2 was one of the first laptops launched in this new category called “Detachables” these are laptops where the screen can be completely detached from the rest of the laptop to work like a tablet. Let’s look at some of the Specs:

  • Performance: 1.8GHz Intel Atom CPU
  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • Size & Weight: 20.6 cm H x 30.3 cm W x 1.9 cm D and only 1.41 kg
  • Display: 29.4 cm (11.6”) HP LED with resolution up to 1366×768
  • Storage: up to 64GB Solid State HDD
  • Camera: Front Facing HD Camera with 8.0 MP rear

Including all the other specs like, Beats Audio Stereo, WiFi, Intel Graphics, Bluetooth, NFC, SD Card reader and USB.



This is really a great laptop if you are always on the go, especially with the multi touch screen and Windows 8 OS enabling you to detach the screen and still have the full functionality of your laptop.

This product was the stepping stone for the new generations of products to come and we will see more models taking this form to keep even the workforce on the move. The only thing that this model lacks for me is to be able to plug in a USB drive when you are only working on the screen other than that it was great to be able to work on a keyboard, with a mouse and then also just flipping a switch and taking the screen with me wherever I go.



This laptop is a great deal at about +/- R9000, but look out as the new product launching early next year will have great improvements to this category thus bashing down the barrier between laptops & tablets.

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