The Host Review

What would you do if the world was taken over by alien life forms? Well in this case you wouldn’t even know up until they take over your body and access your mind.



As a book lover I could not wait to see this film and I was preparing myself for the disaster which is a movie from a book scenario but to my ultimate surprise this film turned out to be the perfect rendition of book to movie.

So imagine a world where everyone is nice to each other and you don’t have to pay for anything, you just say thank you and go on your marry way. Well in this futuristic setting that is exactly the case. The earth is taken over by alien parasites known as ‘souls’ and the few humans still left have gone into hiding.



Melanie Stryder and her brother Jamie are on their way to find their uncle’s hiding place when one night out to find food supplies for the trip Melanie runs into a young man called Jared Howe as they battle it out for a few minutes to make sure the both of them are still human they eventually set off together to find the hiding place of one uncle Jeb.

On one of the scavenging missions Melanie is trapped and instead of allowing “them” to take her life she decides to take her own and jumps out of a multi-story buildings’ window and sort of dies. In this instance the seekers take her body back to what they call healers and inserts a ‘soul’ into Melanie’s body, this soul is called Wanderer.



Wanderer soon finds out that she is not alone in her new body but that the host’s soul is still very much present and fighting her at every turn. Melanie soon guilt’s Wanderer into finding Jamie and Jared and so the story begins of the long road to find Melanie’s loved ones.

I don’t want to give too much away as this story has so many twists and turns that often you have to back track a bit to see the bigger picture. But all hell breaks loose when Jeb finds ‘Melanie’ in the desert completely dehydrated and to his disappointment he looks in her eyes and sees the familiar silver ring which indicated the presence of Wanderer.



Instead of killing her Jeb takes her back to the caves, feeds her and shows her their way of living. Many are unhappy but some are grateful because soon Wanderer becomes an asset when Jamie gets injured.

All through trial and error Wanderer tells them that Melanie is still alive and soon she also makes the decision of giving up her new body so that Melanie can live out her life with the man she loves.

This is an epic love story even with the aliens invading the human race. But trial and error soon brings them together to fight a common enemy and love and friendship always trumps evil. Watch this film if you have read the book and even if you have not read the book this is not a cliché movie.

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