Highschool of the Dead

High school of the Dead – Survival of the fittest!

The High School Of The Dead Anime is based on the Japanese manga series written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō.

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This story follows the lives of a group of high school students (and their busty school nurse) as they fight for survival and deal with a worldwide infection known as the “Outbreak”. Not only does the group have to survive against Zombies, but against a society that has gone mad with fear, greed and a lust for power, to try to figure out how the outbreak occurred.

The group is made up of Takashi Komuro, a 17-year-old second-year student of Fujimi High School and the male protagonist and viewpoint character of the series, Rei Miyamoto, Takashi’s classmate and love interest since they were kids, who ends up breaking his heart, Saeko Busujima, a third-year student at Fujimi High and the president of the school’s kendo club, Saya Takagi, the daughter of a wealthy family and Takashi’s childhood friend, Kohta Hirano, a chubby nerd with glasses who turns out to be a gun enthusiast and Shizuka Marikawa, the…….Erm….. ”Physically Blessed”, Busty school nurse who adds a bit of comedy to the series.


What starts off as a normal day at school, turns into a living (or not so living I suppose) nightmare when a school teacher is bitten by an infected, from there, it doesn’t take long for the virus to spread throughout the school. The team is running out of time! Find Survivors – Get supplies – Find the source of the apocalypse. But most importantly, SURVIVE!

But how well will this plan work out for them?


Zombies attack!
Zombies attack!

An absolutely amazing anime in my opinion! It’s the perfect combination of blood and gore, romance, suspense and goose bump inducing awesome-ness! From the first episode I was immediately hooked! The characters are brilliantly unique, the zombies and situations the group is put in is chilling and the storyline is close to perfect except for the fact that there was only one season of the anime.

This is definitely one anime I could get lost in for a few weeks if there was more than one season, but like many of the Otakus out there, we hope and pray that Madhouse will eventually bring out a season 2 for all of us Zombie obsessed freaks!

Additional Information

Available on: DVD, Blu-ray
Anime Genre: Action, Horror, Harem
Age Rating: 18+
Seasons: One
Pilot Episode Date: July 5, 2010


  • Fast paced
  • Great story line


  • Only one season

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