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Imagine Dark Souls but in space, and in hell at the same time, not a fun place to hang out, but Hellpoint makes your stay here a bit more fun. Hellpoint takes a lot of elements from Dark Souls, sometimes so much it almost loses it’s own identity but pushes through to be a title that stands on its own.


In Dark Souls fashion you don’t really know what is going on in the story but they do give you a bit more meat than Dark Souls does at the beginning; You are a spawn created by the Author with the goal to discover what happened to this once Pinnacle of human achievement, Irid Nova.


Going into this game I did not know what exactly to expect, but within the first few minutes you instantly know what you are getting yourself into, a dark metal style, difficult, yet addictive adventure. The UI left a bit to desire, there is minimal feedback as to what you’re doing, a bit dull and it also gave you little to no information as to how it should be used, this is a theme that Hellpoint has throughout the game. It doesn’t have a learning curve but more of an understanding curve, the game is simple to learn, dodge attack, block, etc. basic stuff, although understanding what to do, where you are and what the hell is going on (Pun unintended) but there is a point where everything just clicks and it is extremely satisfying. Although it might not have the most impressive graphics, it has an exceptionally good aesthetic that draws you in.


This is the real focus of the game, and it succeeds, kind of. I enjoyed myself but the game has many flaws that cannot be ignored. In you stay at Irid Nova you fight, demons, monsters and thespians (you’ll get it if you play the game) and discover it’s secrets, and that’s plural, I can’t understate the amount of secrets, it almost gets to a point where it’s to the detriment of the game but it’s still exciting each time you find a hidden wall, although sometimes you need to find these secrets to progress efficiently in the game. Traveling throughout Irid Nova can be a bit confusing as well, it isn’t a small map and traversal could have used a map, fast traveling to Rifts (which are like the bonfires from Dark Souls areas where you can level up and save) is limited, I’m not a fan of limited fast traveling, but getting a hold of the items required to fast travel aren’t that rare. An interesting mechinic as well is that you have to fight your ghost when you dies, this can be a bit annoying though because my default you are at a disadvantage, but that is the combat in a nutshell, rarely you have the upper hand and that makes the combat engaging, but clenching and always makes you strive to do better, get further and eventually vanquish that demon. Moving on to bosses, each one poses a different threat, no boss will have the same patterns, pose the same type of threat each one requires you to change your playstyle, by the end of your journey you will be a master and that is what is required of you to beat this game, know the inside and outs and getting there is an extremely fun journey. Final point of gameplay though is that the game is a bit unpolished, I’ve lost a lot of xp because I got stuck on geometry or because I missed a platform that I clearly landed on, but nothing major.


Although getting the hang of the game will put your controller’s durability to the test, taking the journey is a rewarding and fun experience to take. If you don’t like “Souls-like” games I would steer clear, but if you are a fan, I would buy this now and is a good edition to your steam library.

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