Greedfall Review

After what seemed to be a complex game when going through training, the story already starts with a touching moment with the disease your mother is facing and your main hope for exploring the new land thought to be uncharted territory, you will discover the shocking truth of the country, current situation and natives, the Best RPG 2019 Nominee brings an old school RPG game with a serious plot twist which makes you nearly forgot your main reason for going to the island.

You start off designing your character and choosing their class, which consists of strength, tactician or magician. Furthermore, you also get skill trees and ability trees to further evolve your unique character, you will get basic training from Kurt who will show you how the basics of combat work.

The combat mechanics are not entirely unique but would take some getting used to as the normal attacks do not stop the enemy in their tracks, and they will still be able to stun or throw you off your feet.

Your decisions dictate how your gameplay would be, not just by choices or decisions, but having an ally with you would either avoid you from entering certain areas as the factions are at war, others such as having the captain of the Nauts (Pirates) would be able to give you an easy entrance to restricted areas controlled by Nauts, you can increase or decrease alliances with each group by performing tasks for them, but not following their instructions will not cause you to fail the quest but will cause your alliance to take a knock, till the point where the faction becomes hostile towards you.

If this is not enough of a challenge, there are also bosses in the game who is believed to be summoned by the natives to protect them against the invaders, these are extremely difficult to kill and requires a strategy to tackle successfully, some characters will have shield bars above their health bars which shows resistance to physical attacks, easier way to avoid it would be taking a mage with your as they ignore physical armour.

Side Quests are important in this game as the enemies does not become easier and you will suddenly realize that you are out levelled and outmatched, along with levelling, ensure that you constantly upgrade your gear to make you more suited to handle the enemies, the enemies to rather try and avoid would be indicated with a red skull above their head, which indicates that they are stronger than you and a higher level than you.

Final Thoughts: Greedfall is a game not meant to be rushed, time will need to be spent outside of the main quest to continue further in the game, it is nice that they did release a discovery difficulty which makes you nearly unkillable which will help the younger audience be able to enjoy the game as much as the serious gamers, however, some players might have preferred having a mini-map on their screen to make navigation easier.


  • Decisions dictate your gameplay
  • Tactical Pauses in the middle of combat to help you assess the situation
  • Have a travel pause to ensure you are ready for the area you are traveling to


  • Some players might of prefer to have a mini-map
  • Attacks and Parries are not always enough to create an opening
  • If you stand still, can only turn at a 90 degree angle which can lead to frustration


Story - 8.7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8.4
Gameplay - 7.9
Replayability - 9
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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