GolfTopia Review

Longing for the days when everyone was enjoying sandbox games yet sometimes it feels like it might lack a challenge or some sort of progression? Then GolfTopia has answered your prayers.

GoldTopia is a game where you select a piece of land to start your futuristic Gold Course, upgrade your clubhouse to purchase more land and have more holes to play for your visitors. You will have to battle weed which tends to get out of hand on the island and no one likes to see weed over the golf courses. A slow approach is the best to take when playing GolfTopia as you will need to constantly monitor your guests happiness levels and ensure that they enjoy their stay so that they get memberships and end up paying more for each hole. You can select various additional challenges such as the irritating customers who does not wait their turn and will start playing while golfers are still busy on the course, and yes your clients can lose their temper and start a fight on the golf course.

Golfers also have needs to cater for such as bladder, hunger, thirst, boredom and fatigue so build your restrooms and vending machines accordingly.

Feel like there still isn’t enough to keep you entertained? There are awards that will be rewarded to golf courses which increases popularity and tends to get your clients to pay more.

From playing oneself gets in the mood to dive into the course yourself, you as the manager can play on the courses as well to improve your skills and get a feel for each course, if you want to have a challenge or feel like you need a little extra cash flow, then why not just start a tournament where you battle against AI for in-game credits.

There is no tutorial but only hints that will constantly keep you informed and will provide you with even the initial hints in case you might have forgotten about them to ensure you do what is needed to keep your golfers happy.

For a game that just stepped out of the Early Access window into a full release, it is definitely worth giving a shot.

Final Thoughts: Some players might of prefer to have a tutorial just to learn the basics before jumping into their park, once I got used to the controls and got a hang of building award-winning courses I started to enjoy it and push myself to build more complex courses without getting the clients to fight with each other and keep everyone happy, definitely recommend to players enjoying simulation/sandbox type games.


  • Hard work and attention to detail are rewarded
  • Perfect "relax and game" type of game
  • Can play golf with the AI to get a feel of your courses


  • Some players might prefer having a tutorial
  • Constant pop ups of hints might annoy some players


Graphics - 8.9
Audio - 7.5
Gameplay - 9.4
Replayability - 9.3
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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