Godzilla 2014 Movie review

Special thanks to Ster-Kinekor Theatres for having a competition on Facebook where a few lucky South Africans won movie tickets, giving them an opportunity to be the first people on the planet to watch Godzilla in 3D, being a Hugh fan of Godzilla I obviously entered like a gazillion times till I won tickets.


Just saw the movie at The Zone in Rosebank so obviously I can’t sleep, let me tell you good people about the movie you will be eager to watch this month.

First of all forget about the 90s remake of this movie, it utterly pales in comparison to this remake, in fact it’s a reboot of the original Godzilla film franchise from the 50s. They did not try to re-invent the wheel here but keep the classic silhouette of Godzilla.

No spoilers but the movie has a lot of surprises and you will be constantly wanting more and more action. The Director does not hold back but gives you bite size pieces of action and intrigue to the Epic-fest that is Godzilla.

When Godzilla first appears on screen and the camera zooms out showing this creature is all it monstrous glory, it will awaken the child inside of you with fright and awe of the coolness, but the story teases you the whole way as you don’t know what is going on and how this is going to happen. Godzilla was portrayed on screen like the Rocky Balboa of Monsters, you will be rooting for him the whole way, believe me you will even feel emotion for this creature. He’s not bad, he’s not good, he’s just Nature, just a devastating force of nature.


This photo above looks like its from Breaking Bad characters about to cook meth in Japan but that’s because movie stars Heisenburg with hair from Breaking Bad, his son Aaron Taylor-Johnson who you may not recognize but he was Quicksilver in Captain America The Winter Soldier (I know, random lead casting) and a Japanese scientist who has been studying the creature for over 30 years and named it but can’t pronounce the name Godzilla. However don’t worry Godzilla is the star.

One remarkable difference is that the reloaded Godzilla movie now equally focuses on the people on the ground trying to piece together some understanding of this rampant destruction that is a debilitating force of nature and a Colossal Battle Royale going on in every backdrop of every scene. The creature that awakens to give humanity its reckoning and savior can only be described as beyond colossal which towers over cities, mountains and is shrouded in cloud cover. The pieces of it you can see in the background is frightening in the proportions of the titanic size of the creature which was unearthed by Japanese scientists.

I really feel this Godzilla movie will really go down as one of the best Godzilla movies of all time and one of the best action/sci-fi blockbusters for 2014.

I would advise to go and watch this while it’s on the big screen and rather watch it in 3D as the 3D is not overrun with in sync action sequences, sure it’s basically a giant Monster that smashes stuff, but the contrast in and the play of focus between tiny humans and monumental monsters looks visually amazing. You may not think you will be into this, as this genre peaked in the 50s but the resurrection of this movie franchise will attract new followers and appeal to today’s viewers.

In a world were Hollywood has gone Superhero crazy comes a breath of fresh air, just watch it, just sit back and be spellbound.

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