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Getting to know the GES Team – Movies/TV

We will be doing a few posts so that you can get to know the GES team, each post we will tackle a category and ask the team some questions. Feel free to add your answers to the questions on the comments section.

In the first post we will be covering Movies/TV, here are the questions we asked the team with their answers:

1. Best movie I’ve seen this year so far

  • Dino: The Amazing Spider-Man 2The Amazing SPider-man 2 Poster
  • Gert: The Amazing Spider-man 2: The Rise of Electro this was one of the best movies I watched this year. It was also the most comic book based movie!
  • Jean: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Leon: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Linda: Definitely X-Men Days Of Futures Past  – I’ve always been a huge fan of the X-Men and their adventures and DOFP corrected all the wrongs of the previous movies in the franchise. And Quicksilver was amazing!
  • Malcolm: The Lego Movie
  • Mariska: Frozen
  • Mich: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Mr Bigglesworth: Captain America: Winter Soldier
  • Sam:  X-Men Days of Future Past 
  • Tyler: Although it’s a bit old I recently watched 21 Jump Street. It was probably one of the most funny movies I fave ever seen and can’t wait for 22 Jump Street.

So far it looks like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was most enjoyed by the team

2. Movie coming out this year I have to see otherwise I’ll go all postal

  • Dino: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies
  • Gert: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Jean: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies
  • Leon: Guardian of the Galaxy – Rocket Raccoon!!! Common who doesn’t want to see a crazy raccoon with crazy guns?
  • Linda: I’m  super excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. Its going to be something new, a bunch of characters thats relatively unknown outside the comic community and its going to rock!
  • Malcolm: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Mariska: The House of Magic
  • Mich: Guardians of the Galaxy (AKA: The Rocket Racoon Movie) Avengers who? It’s a Racoon firing a gun while standing on a living tree bodyguard. Urrr your argument is invalid.
  • Mr Bigglesworth: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Sam:  It was X-Men to be honest. So I’m pretty much sorted until next year 
  • Tyler: Anything with giant robots and super hero’s.  I’ve seen one so far but already getting twitchy

Guardian of The Galaxy Movie Poster

It looks like Guardians is the winner here but The Hobbit is close behind.

 3. If I can’t watch this TV Series, Armageddon might as well happenThe Walking Dead Season 4The Big Bang Theory Poster

  • Dino: I know it’s over, but Breaking Bad! If not that, then either Sherlock or Justified
  • Gert: Any Sci-Fi TV series at the moment
  • Jean: StarGate Universe (I know I’m in the minority)
  • Leon: Wow, there’s so many let’s see. I really enjoyed Almost human but it’s cancelled but my favourites are Arrow, Defiance, Grimm, Teen Wolf, Agents of SHIELD and Suits. 
  • Linda: I’m such a huge fan of The Walking Dead and its become quite an obsession by now. Luckily I’ve got the comics to tide my over till October, else I would’ve gone slightly mad
  • Malcolm: The Walking dead
  • Mariska: Rookie Blue
  • Mich: Big Bang Theory! What more do you need than a show celebrating Geekdom and Nerdvana. Also such a cliffhanger Xbox vs PS4…Sheldon who wins I must know? How can you afford to buy a 3D printer but can’t buy a chair so that cast members don’t need to sit on the floor. Can’t wait to see if they buy a chair so Raj can finally sit on one.
  • Mr Bigglesworth: Storage Wars – I know it’s bad but I can’t stop watching
  • Sam:  Doctor Who!!!
  • Tyler: It’s funny but I’m not really into series,  it has to be really awesome, twisted and/or gruesome before I’d even pass a glance

What a difference, interesting to see how taste differs if you have to choose favourites.

 4. Dare we ask Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek vs Star Wars

  • Dino: Star………………….. Trek!
  • Gert: Star Wars always! Whats this thing called Star Trek?
  • Jean: Star Wars
  • Leon: The Force compels me to say Star Wars, I enjoy Star Trek but never really got into it
  • Linda: Star Wars all the way for me – nothing more epic than Darth Vader wielding his light sabre
  • Malcolm: Star Trek
  • Mariska: Star Wars
  • Mich: When it comes to movies Star Wars. When it comes to TV series Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine
  • Mr Bigglesworth: Star Wars hands down!
  • Sam:  Star Trek… but I still have space in my heart for Han Solo
  • Tyler: Beam me up Yoda, wait that wasn’t right. I think Star Trek is messing with the force! Star wars!!!

Star Trek vs Star Wars Spoof

Close battle like always, the debate that will never end and will never get a winner. Looks like we have more SW fans though

5. TV series that has to be canned

  • Dino: Supernatural! Should’ve ended how Eric Kripke planned it, season 5
  • Gert: Grey’s Anatomy, I think Grey’s whole anatomy has been explored what else is there to see?
  • Jean: That annoying one with that annoying person…
  • Leon: Anything I don’t watch, but I would rather they do not cancel great series like Almost Human and a few other we lost just after season 1 and stop renewing crap!
  • Linda: Please please please get rid of every show that features any of the Kardashians!
  • Malcolm: Anything idols, dancing, talent or x factor releated
  • Mariska: Continuum, unless it gets to a point again
  • Mich: Agents of Siesh that nonsense. sorry but really? Anything reality and Kardashian related
  • Mr Bigglesworth: Not Storage Wars that’s for sure O_o
  • Sam:  Agents of Shield
  • Tyler: Pretty little liars! A thousand times an set on fire to make my point. Revenge is a very close second

Reality TV Shows

So reality TV and Kardashians are a big No. Agents of Shield? I love that show, yes it started off slow but the finally was great and it is leading up to become a great filler between the Marvel movies.

6. Prediction of best new TV Series to come out?

  • Dino: Penny Dreadful is 1 of the hottest new shows… Then for the newest shows, I’d have to go with…. The Flash?
  • Gert: The Flash, it might lose some viewers in the beginning but it will make a great come back later in the season and end with one massive cliff hanger
  • Jean: The 100
  • Leon: There are a few that I think will do well, obviosly the new super hero series The Flash, Gotham, iZombie but these might do well and will be worth a watch The Strain, The Last Ship and Dominion.
  • Linda: The new Batman origin show ‘Gotham’ looks like its going to be amazing with ‘The Flash’ coming in 2nd for me.
  • Malcolm: The Flash and Gotham
  • Mariska: Gotham and The Flash
  • Mich: Animated TV series, Batman Animated TV Show : Batman Unlimited. I personally would love to watch Constantine become a success but it won’t be a success to the levels of GOT and TWD. I believe the Strain could have enough horror and intelligence to eventually rival The Walking Dead which seems to be loosing more and more zombies in the show and gaining more and more creepy human characters #pensive. Gosh Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead is kind of dominating the live action TV show space at the moment, It’s like we watch other shows to pass the time between seasons of GOT and TWD. If GOT and TWD has taught us anything is that people love over the top violence.
  • Mr Bigglesworth: No time for other shows, need me some Storage Wars right now!
  • Sam:  Tyrant
  • Tyler: Flash is looking pretty bad-ass so would like to see how that plays out. But would really love to see a remake of the hulk series

Gotham Series Banner


The Flash Series

Looks like the Super Hero and Horror series will be dominating yet again this year.

 Thanks for the team in partaking in this series of questions, tell us what your answers are below or even tell us what you would like to find out from the GES team.

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