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Leon Avatar Metalizer

Leon de Bruin


PSN: Fr0zeBud
XBL: Fr0zeBud
Steam: Fr0zeBud
Twitter: @Fr0zeBud
Favourite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi, Super Hero
Favourite Game Genre: RPG, Strategy
Sum yourself up in one sentence: Compressed Awesomeness!
Most preferred Tech: All of it!!!

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist ZHM Entertainment

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Mariska Avatar WebSignal

Mariska Reinecke de Bruin


PSN: Ph30n1X-87
Twitter: @Rushka_1
Favourite Movie Genre: Animated
Favourite Game Genre: Puzzle & Match (balletjie skiet games)
Sum yourself up in one sentence: I have been called evil but I’m super awesome too
Most preferred Tech: Gadgets, Mobile & Laptops

Jean Avatar TrippleDoubler

Jean du Plessis


PSN: tehvaizard69
Steam: tehvaizard69
Twitter: @MirageGES
Favourite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Favourite Game Genre: RPG / Strategy
Sum yourself up in one sentence: All or nothing!
Most preferred Tech: Futuristic

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Linda Avatar CapeCrusader

Linda Jager

[Head of Comics & Cosplay/TV Series Guru/Reviewer]

Instagram: linda_jager
Pinterest: LindaAtGES
PSN: Jager_Wh0
Twitter: @LindaAtGES
Favourite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi, Superheroes and any movie that starts with Fast and Furious
Favourite Game Genre: At least I don’t suck at Angry Birds
Sum yourself up in one sentence: I’m a Tech and Gadget lover with a passion for all things pop culture
Most preferred Tech: Anything Apple. Mobile phones and tablets

@BurgerKingZA awesome food as usual but why did you change from @HeinzKetchup_US condiments to AATCO? Honestly it’s revolting, esp the mayo, please bring back the Heinz ketchup and mayo…

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Gert Avatar Conductor

Gert Rautenbach

[Head of Hardware & Gadgets/Mad Scientist/Reviewer]

PSN: LukeRaNcOr
XBL: LukeRaNcOr
Steam: LukeRaNcOr
Twitter: @GSR_Lukerancor
Favourite Movie Genre: Action-Adventure, Sci-fi, Comedy
Favourite Game Genre: RPG, Strategy, Point-n-Click
Sum yourself up in one sentence: Tinkerer Extraordinaire
Most preferred Tech: The Master Race – PC

Tyler Avatar Kenobe

Tyler Smail


PSN: Tyler_Rocks1
XBL: sis no thanks
Steam: tyler_is_awesome1
Favourite Movie Genre: Action
Favourite Game Genre: FPS and strategy
Sum yourself up in one sentence: Far more awesome than my profile pic, can I get a new one :p
Most preferred Tech: PC, gizmo and time wasters


Wade Dubowitz

[PS4 & Anime Reviewer]

PSN: Sandton16
Favourite Movie Genre: Super Hero,Action-Adverture, Horror, Sci-fi, Comedy, and love to watch a lot of anime LOL
Favourite Game Genre: RPG, Strategy, Horror, Adverture and Action, First Person Shooters
Sum yourself up in one sentence: Nothing can tame this gaming spirit!
Most preferred Tech: Everything I can get my hands onto!

Michael du Plessis


Steam: salamander546
Twitter: @FirePhoenixZeta
Instagram: michael.cyfer
Favourite Movie Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Comedy
Favourite Game Genre: MOBA, MMORPG, RPG, FPS, Horror
Sum yourself up in one sentence: There are two kinds of people… I’m the third kind.
Most preferred Tech: PC and Mobile.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Beta Code Giveaway

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Mich Avatar Gulok

Mich Padachee


Steam: MichGESSA
Twitter: @michalentweet
Favourite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi Horror
Favourite Game Genre: Adventure Platform
Sum yourself up in one sentence: Batman Tendencies
Most preferred Tech: Laptop BUT I will always have a special place in my heart for those retro consoles

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Karen Avatar Fairy

Karen Mängels

[Movie Reviewer]

Twitter: @KarenMangels
Favourite Movie Genre: Drama / True Life
Favourite Game Genre: Hidden Objects
Sum yourself up in one sentence: Calm and collective until the scorpion tail comes out
Most preferred Tech: Laptop and Tablet

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[Cute Fluffy Kittens]

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