Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review

It’s a hot Texas day, our car engines is pushed till past there red lines, tempers flaring, waiting for the billboard to say ‘FIRE ZONE”. The mitts are off for the son of a gun that rammed my car and he is going to see what a twin barrel times four shotgun would do to his car. Welcome to Gas Guzzlers Extreme.GGE_00

Gas Guzzlers: Extreme is made by Gamepires and published by Iceberg Interactive, it is a fast paced sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat arcade racing game with the added benefit of guns(12 of them actually!), on track bonuses and power-ups. In the single player campaign there is about 12 hours of game play which you can extend by doing some quick races and multiplayer. It also supports LAN play, so I know what I would be playing next year at rAge.

GGE_01What is also nice about the game is that your car is customizable, from rims up to your new shiny paint job. You can also upgrade your car’s performance. Now on to some fun! The multiplayer section of this game is like playing a first person shooter, only you are using cars! You can play capture the flag, classic racing(no guns but still fun), power race, battle race(guns lots and lots of guns), deathmatch and last man standing. You can have up to 4 teams playing in multiplayer.

GGE_02Now being on Steam it also supports big picture mode, cloud saving, achievements and steam badges. When I installed the game I thought OK 2 hours and then do your review, having not learned from my previous experience(see my review on Memoria) I sat and played 5hours in one sitting! The graphics looks stunning on screen and the sound track reminds me of Road Rash. When you start you can select your characters voice, which range from a Arnold impersonator to a Duke Nukem sound alike, I went for duke as I like to kick ass and chew bubble gum….and I’m all out of gum.GGE_04

Capture the flag
Capture the flag

Overall I would say this is a really good game to play and would recommend it to all arcade racing fans and to anybody that’s up for some drive by shooting(at cars) and extreme racing. This is your Local Mad Scientist signing out….

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