Frozen Synapse Prime Review

Double 11 remade Frozen Synapse, originally from Mode 7, for the PS Vita. Frozen Synapse Prime takes all that was great with the first one and brings it on to the PS Vita for even better enjoyment.


Frozen Synapse prime is a Turn-based Tactics game, where you use your great, or not so great, tactical mind to guide a team through various and dangerous missions. It is an asynchronous, turn-based strategy game meaning that turns will play off simultaneously. It’s set within a dystopian future, where you assume the role of a tactician to a resistance group attempting to prevent an evil corporation from taking over a city. The Story is well thought out but in some ways delivers a bit weak, I found it to be interesting but later on I just rather wanted to get on with the action.

Original Frozen Synapse

This game got a complete overhaul from the old Frozen Synapse game as you can see from the image above, the first thing you will notice is the graphics. The look of the game is done very well in fits in brilliantly with the theme of the game. As with most Turn-based games you plan your moves and then submit or end you turn when you are done, because this is a simultaneous turn-based the planned moves play off together of all relevant parties but a unique feature of this game is that you can do a “test run” of your planned moves this will play your moves out and you can see if you need to change anything. The catch though is that it only plays out your moves and not the other teams’, you still have to try and read their thoughts on what they are planning to do.



There are great online modes as well, you can play PvP and even partake in more than one game at the same time. The skirmish is great as well and the story will help introduce you to all these modes. like I said above the story is very interesting and different in it’s own way and although I said that the delivery is a bit poor it is still wonderfully put together and the whole theme of this game is just perfect. Double 11 really tried to bring the simultaneous turn based genre into the modern age and I think they delivered superbly!


If you have a PS Vita then you have to check this game out especially if you Love Tactic and Strategy games. I can spend hours just playing Frozen Synapse Prime.

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