Forza Horizon 4 – Steam Review

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What is probably my favourite racing game of all time has finally launched on Steam.

Yes that’s right, Forza Horizon 4 has finally launched on Steam! Despite being a three-year-old game Forza has launched on steam and within 24 hours is one of the biggest and most played racing franchises on steam!

Forza Horizon 4 is almost overwhelming with the amount of content it provides. With more than 450 Cars currently in the game, and almost every racing division you can imagine tucked away in the British landscape. The game itself has 26 different campaign threads. Everything from being a stunt driver to the world’s fastest taxis to even a Top Gear themed Campaign. This doesn’t even include the amount of content there is to collect. With hidden billboards everywhere across the map, Barn finds for super rare and exclusive cars, Landmarks and photo opportunities at every corner, and even live events that pop up every hour. The game itself brings hundreds of hours of content and all of it is backed up by exceptional driving mechanics. It is an experience you just can’t help but absolutely lose yourself in. The landscape moved from the Australian outback to Great Britain in this new version, and with it it brings Seasons to the game as well. Rather than just having certain sections of the open-world be set in summer or winter, the entire play space transforms when a season rolls in. This means the open-world features four distinct variations, each with varying driving conditions. During summer, a track may offer breakneck speeds on dry pavement, whereas the winter variation requires careful drifting across thick snow and treacherous ice. The weather greatly impacts the way you race, and sometimes forces you to retreat to your garage to bring out rides that are more suitable for the conditions. The game starts off with around a 5-hour intro of different races in all four of the seasons to show you the different styles and environments you race in. Once you have completed this the seasons roll by weekly so each week you’ll have a different season in a month. This gives new content every week so the game itself never feels stale should you complete all the events given to you. Forza Horizon 4 also excels at multiplayer, allowing players to experience most of the game in cooperative or competitive ways. This means you can cruise around the open world together (and with up to 71 other players) to make progress in your own campaigns. You can also join up on the same team for racing, although it is more challenging, as it disables the rewind functionality. The hourly Forzathon events bring everyone together on the map for short but enjoyable challenges where every racer contributes points to reach a specific total for speed, jumping, and drifting. Succeed and you receive a unique type of Forzathon currency for use in a specific shop that contains even more goodies like new cars, horn sounds, and dance moves.

Final Thoughts:

Coming in at just R549 Locally for the Ultimate edition, it’s an amazing pickup for that price. The Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition digital bundle includes the full game and Car Pass, VIP Membership, Formula Drift Car Pack, Best of Bond Car Pack, and the Fortune Island and LEGO® Speed Champions game expansions. This is an absolute steal at that price point compared to the windows store version at R1499. Almost three times more than the steam version.

The game itself is absolutely beautiful and has won multiple awards including the BAFTA Games Award for British Game and The Game Award for Best Sports/Racing Game, which are both well deserved awards in my opinion.


  • Cross Play on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, Windows 10, xCloud, and Steam
  • Forza Horizon is still the king of open world racing
  • Game feels ALOT smoother on Steam
  • Game is alot cheaper on steam than on windows store. R549 vs R1499


  • No Game Save Transfers
  • Lackluster Support for Steering Wheels


Story - 10
Graphics - 10
Audio - 9
Gameplay - 10
Replayability - 10

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