Forced: Slightly Better Edition – Fantastic Glory

In a land twisted from our own time, where humans are all slaves and only have one purpose, to fight in a series of fantasy gladiator arenas, to gain their freedom and escape this endless horror of a slave's life. Now you have…

The Crit

Story - 55%
Graphics - 48%
Audio - 45%
Gameplay - 60%
Replayability - 55%



User Rating: 3.55 ( 1 votes)

In a land twisted from our own time, where humans are all slaves and only have one purpose, to fight in a series of fantasy gladiator arenas, to gain their freedom and escape this endless horror of a slave’s life. Now you have your chance to fight your way through the many death arenas, which hold puzzles, and the over whelming amount of demons, gladiators and other opponents.

Forced is a action-role-playing game set on gladiators battles, but with a fantasy-aspect about it. Players start off as a ‘slave’ from a village where people are bred solely to be gladiators and must battle to gain freedom. There is a choice of four weapon classes, ‘The Storm Bow’, ‘The Volcanic Hammer’, ‘The Spirit Knives’ and finally ‘The Frost Shield’, each having over 16 unlockable abilities. All these different weapon classes will aid you in battle with different results of completing a mission or they may be your down fall.

For such a simple game, it turned out to be quite challenging to play with a lot of tactical and strategic depth to it. I really liked how the developers kept everything simple, yet delivered a truly enjoyable game to play, having nothing too-over-complex with the game – Even when it comes to upgrading your fighter and customizing the abilities of the weapons. Everything has been extremely well balanced to enhance the enjoyment of this game, I love the simplicity yet well thought out puzzle-system of each and every level, as they become a bit more challenging as you progress in the game and the fact that you can change your choice of weapons best suited for that specific level awaiting your conquering. After completing each level players are rewarded ‘Gems’ from the 3 different Gem Groups. The first Gem requires completion, the second Gem requires a specific challenge and the third Gem requires a time trial.

Looking at the gameplay, it is really straightforward to operate and has a very smooth operation to it, not over done with too many pressing of buttons commands to remember, or leaving you flustered, everything was keep simple and made the game awesome to play. I really like my complex games with a lot of finger movement leaving my finger hurting at a end a playing a complex game, but sometime it is really a treat to play a chilled laid-back game, once in a while.

The graphics were rendered really well, having beautiful details to the arenas with extremely creative creatures. Each and every level had a stunning majestic layout, which has been created by the exquisite creative minds of the developers – But what I enjoyed most about playing each level was the puzzles that come with the challenge. The puzzles start off being very easy, but as you progress further into the game, their level of difficulty increases, becoming more challenging in the heat of the battles, as you try to fight off enemies at the same time as you try to figure out how to solve the puzzles. I found most helpful while playing this game, is that it is an advantage to get your fighter stronger by completing each arena and earning XP points to upgrade your fighter and weapons. Players do have a guide named Balfus the spirit mentor, who helps and aids you on your quest.

We all know of the saying “Big things come in Small packages” and this game really deliveries a kick of enjoyment – When you start to play this game you can truly appreciate the hard effort put in from the developers. A lot of creative thought which delivers a flawless feat – A remarkable achievement for the team at BetaDwarf. To end off this review, consider giving this title a look as it is well worth it, it is one game that you can enjoy for many hours on end. It is a very exciting and challenging game to play and I enjoyed every moment – YOU THE PLAYERS will enjoy this game.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4,Xbox One, Wii U, Linux, Microsoft Windows
Genre: Action Role-Playing
Age Rating: 16
Publisher/Developer: BetaDwarf
Estimated RRP: R140
Release Date: 6 November 2015


  • I the choice of different weapons to fight with in the arenas.
  • The very creative levels of the different arenas and the involved puzzle-system.


  • Cannot found anything to fault this game on.

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