FIFA 22 Review

Fifa is back again with the latest installment Titled FIFA 22.

Fifa 22 starts off with a roughly 20ish minute story where you meet David Beckham, Lisa Zimouche, and even bump into Lewis Hamilton, the intro shows you all the mechanics of the game in a Paris setting where you get to play some street soccer with Lisa Zimouche. The intro shows you how to pass from player to player, as well as all the other basics for the Game Mechanics.

You can see in just the intro alone that the game is slicker and more detailed than ever before. The intro eventually takes you all the way to the PSG stadium where you face off against rival team Chelsea. Here you can see the game’s newly implemented Hypermotion Technology.

The stadium’s atmosphere feels absolutely fantastic in 22 and you can see they have improved on the commentators, crowd cheering and even getting to hear the Spectators louder than ever.

The goalkeepers feel a lot sharper in 22 however in rare cases do still concede the easiest of goals. In Career mode this year the game has been drastically improved and even includes the Manager mode again. Being able to manage your own team in FIFA 22 has always been one of my favorite modes in the series and this year’s mode is no exception. This year’s new feature adds the possibility for the gamers to create a club from the ground up including the kits and stadium. This adds a new, fun way for the gamers to have the option to create their own team, rather than take over an already established club.

Overall FIFA 22 has been drastically improved over the previous game entry. The introduction of Hypermotion makes the feel game more realistic than ever, and the improved graphics, sound, and gameplay make this year’s game a Must Buy.


  • Hypermotion
  • New Gameplay mechanics


  • FUT Lootboxes are still very expensive


Story - 8
Graphics - 9
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 10

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