FFXIV Patch 6.1 Lottery System

Starting in Patch 6.1, land will be available for purchase in Ishgard’s residential district, Empyreum!

In addition, changes to purchasing methods, such as the lottery system, will be implemented across all residential districts.

Empyreum is comprised of 48 available wards (24 main/24 subdivision). Exterior fixtures are designed to complement the surrounding Ishgardian architecture.

* In order to travel to Empyreum, you must first complete the sidequest “Ascending to Empyreum”.

Methods of Purchasing Land
Depending on the housing ward, land may be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis, or by lottery.

At the release of Patch 6.1, all land available for purchase will be subject to the lottery system.

Purchase Availability
Housing areas are divided into plots available for purchase by either free companies or private buyers, and a plot’s usage is restricted accordingly.

* Methods of purchasing land and/or purchase availability may vary by World in future updates.

Retirement of Price Reduction System
Previously, the price of land available for purchase would decrease as time progressed. However, as of Patch 6.1, all plots will retain their initially posted value.

New Housing Lottery System
To purchase land via the lottery system, players must submit a lottery entry for their desired plot during a predetermined period of time. One winning entry will be randomly selected from the pool of applicants, and the player who submitted that entry will gain the ability to finalize their purchase of the plot.

≪Lottery Schedule≫
Lotteries operate on a 9-day cycle (Earth time), and are divided into two periods.

Entry period:
The entry period lasts 5 days (Earth time), during which players may submit their lottery entries.
Results period:
The results period lasts 4 days (Earth time), during which players may confirm lottery results and finalize land purchases.

* Due to events like scheduled maintenance, certain lottery periods may be shorter than the standard 5 or 4 full days. Please be sure to confirm the lottery schedule as it is posted in game.

A new lottery cycle will begin once the results period of the previous lottery has ended. You can confirm the current status of the housing lottery via the Housing tab, or by accessing the placard of the relevant plot of land.

≪Entry Requirements≫
Characters who fulfill the requirements below are eligible to submit one lottery entry per lottery period.

Entering as a Private Buyer:
1. You must have at least one class at level 50.
2. You must hold the rank of second lieutenant or above in one of the Grand Companies.
Entering as a Free Company Representative:
1. Your free company must be rank 6 or above.
2. Your free company must have four or more members.
3. You must be authorized by your free company to purchase and relinquish land.
4. You must have been a member of your free company for 30 days or longer.(*)
* This is a new requirement introduced in Patch 6.1, in order to preserve the integrity of the lottery system.
Please note that all requirements listed above must be fulfilled at the time of both entry and purchase.

≪Winning the Lottery≫
When you win the lottery, you must finalize your purchase of the plot by accessing the placard located at its entrance. If relocating from an existing plot, in principle, approximately 15% of the value of the old plot will be refunded to you.
* Please note that the refunded amount may not exceed the value of the new plot.
* Previously, land prices followed the price reduction system, and players who relocated received a refund of 30% of the minimum value of their old plot. However, starting in Patch 6.1, the price reduction system will be retired, and housing plots will retain the value at which they are initially listed. Therefore, the notation for the relocation refund has been changed to “approximately 15% of the value of the old plot.” Please be assured that while the notation has changed, the amount received by players remains the same.
* You may learn more about relocation by speaking to the resident caretaker stationed in any housing area.

You may finalize your purchase of a plot at any time during the results period. However, should you fail to claim your plot of land during the results period despite having won the lottery, your claim to that plot will be forfeit. Furthermore, a 50% cancellation fee will be deducted from the deposit made at entry.

≪Losing the Lottery≫
You will receive a 100% refund of the deposit paid at entry.

Regardless of lottery results, any and all refunds for a given lottery period expire 90 days (Earth time) after the results period ends. Please be sure to accept your refund within this allotted time by accessing the same placard by which you entered the lottery.
Failure to accept your refund within the allotted time will result in the loss of said refund.

* You may only confirm lottery results and accept refunds while in your Home World.

≪Treatment of Emptied Plots≫
Plots that are emptied during the lottery period will be marked as currently unavailable, and will become available for purchase during the next lottery period.

≪Regarding Home World Transfer≫
Lottery entries are only valid within the World they are submitted. Therefore, you will be unable to confirm lottery results or accept any refunds from your previous Home World after transferring Home Worlds. Furthermore, if you complete your transfer during a lottery period, you must wait until the next lottery period to participate.

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