Fear The Walking Dead | 360 Degree Experience Of The Abigail

It’s been two weeks since the premiere of the second season of Fear The Walking Dead and by now we’ve learned that our new group of survivors will be braving the elements at sea, on board a luxury yacht named Abigail.

Abigail’s owner is Strand, a mysterious character that haven’t quite endeared himself to the viewers as yet, and if you’ve seen the second episode of the new season, you’ll understand why we’re on the fence about this guy. The ocean environment brought a brand new dimension to the walkers (or shall we rather call them floaters?) and whole new group of villains. But the real star of the show at the moment is the gorgeous yacht that Travis and his make-shift family is calling home for now. And you can get the opportunity to experience the glorious Abigail in 360 degree views by visiting the link below:


I sure wouldn’t mind spending a couple of lazy days on board the Abigail but minus the threat of the walkers and potential pirates off course!

Remember to tune in to Fear The Walking Dead on DStv channel 140 AMC at 03:10 (same time as the US screening) and 20:00 for an encore viewing.

All images courtesy of AMC TV Africa

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