Fate of Kai Review

Fate of Kai revolves around the idea of being stuck in a comic book and not just unable to escape, but unable to go to the next page unless you choose the correct actions.

Filled with challenging puzzles that not only takes time but requires concentration, but sometimes you must fail at a puzzle to get the necessary action to continue once you pass the puzzle.

As for the story it kicks off with a kid finding a chest in the middle of the field, eager to find out what treasures might be inside, he ends up getting chained to the chest, and his journey begins to the castle to free himself from the chest and find the treasure hidden inside, however, there is a mysterious creature after the chest you have as well, use actions, reverse time to change the actions of others or to gain actions needed to make it through to the next chapter.

A unique game filled with puzzles set in a comic book it’s clear to see why the game was nominated for innovation along with several other awards for which the game has not only been nominated for, but won awards for as well.

The Champaign does feel short and might be disappointing for some players to find that once the puzzles gets extremely difficult, they found themselves to of completed the game.

Final Thoughts: A unique game with the way its setup, might be a bit short for some players, I did enjoy that near the end of the game it feels like you have learned a life lesson through your struggles and adventure to the castle, some might feel that only 3 actions that you can store can become frustrating but it adds to the difficulty of the puzzles.


  • Story has a satisfyingly end which also teaches one a lesson
  • Puzzles escalates in difficulty as you progress


  • Story is relatively short
  • The limit on 3 actions could frustrate some players


Story - 8.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 6.8
Gameplay - 7.7
Replayability - 4
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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