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Far Cry is back and this time it is going Primal hence the name Far Cry Primal. We go back in time to 10,000 BCE (Before Current Era) to the beginning of the Mesolithic. The Mesolithic age took place during the late Stone Age where humans really started honing their…

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Story - 89%
Graphics - 96%
Audio - 95%
Gameplay - 91%
Replayability - 87%



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Far Cry is back and this time it is going Primal hence the name Far Cry Primal. We go back in time to 10,000 BCE (Before Current Era) to the beginning of the Mesolithic. The Mesolithic age took place during the late Stone Age where humans really started honing their stone skills to create fantastic tools and weapons. The area of the game is based in Oros, a fictional valley in central Europe where tribes from outlying regions flocked to, to try and take over this flourishing area.

So this Far Cry is quite different in some ways to previous games, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is that you will have no guns but in no way will it mean that your weapon arsenal will be limited. This age was so rich with stone inventions you will have bows, clubs, spears, shards and more at your disposal, upgrades will also be available to make these weapons the best they could be for their time. Vehicles is also another thing Far Cry is famous for, in Far Cry Primal though you will have to get used to riding beasts instead. Other things from the Far Cry series does make their way into this game like taking over outposts, the wildlife (we will get to this later), crafting, saving people and creating havoc for your enemies.

Starting the game you feel very vulnerable as around every corner there can be trouble, soon you will learn some skills and get used to the environment, making you feel part of this time in history. You are Takkar, a hunter from the Wenja tribe, your goal is to save your people from the other tribes and build a lavish village for your people to live in. The Wenja tribe is a tribe with honour seeking a place to call their own and to flourish. First of the other tribes you will encounter is the Udam, they are a warrior tribe that kills everything they come in contact with. Their leader is Ull a brutish ruthless warrior looking to rule it all. The other tribe you will find is the Izila tribe, they are like the snobs and think everyone is beneath them. Their Leader, Batari wants everyone to worship her as the Sun Daughter. They are also obsessed with fire and burn all their victims. There are a lot of interesting characters you will meet from the Wenja tribe but I will leave that for you to discover.

The wildlife in Far Cry Primal is Amazing, Oros is rich with animals waiting to be hunted. Goats, Deer and Elk are plentiful and will run away if they see you, but be weary as some animals might already be sneaking up on you like Dholes, Wolves, Cave Lions, Sabretooth Tigers, Leopards and more. Other animals like Mammoths are territorial so sneak past them and you will be fine, get into their space and you better run! At a certain point in the game you will become a Beast Master, you learn the ability to tame Beasts. When unlocked you can tame any beast in the game and having a Cave Lion by your side can mean life and death in certain situations. You can order your beast to attack ahead, when you go into stealth mode they will follow your lead and at the end of the day the beast will be your best friend. The Beast Master feature opens so much more possibilities in the game and just takes the whole experience to a new level. Later on you will also be able to ride beasts, climb on a bear or mammoth and see those other tribes run!

You will get lost in Far Cry Primal’s beautiful scenery but if you gaze too long you might be lunch so make sure you have your beast companion looking out for danger while you check out the lands. Even by water it is not safe with fish and crocodile trying to feed on your flesh. They really did an amazing job with the scenery and characters in the game. As you play you will get drawn deeper into the beauty and soon it will feels as if you yourself is running around in this prehistoric setting.

Apart from the scenery, the people look just as good. Each tribe has their own look that fits to their nature and Ubisoft has even created their own language for the game. The language they created is based on Proto-Indo-European and they even created different dialects for the three tribes giving distinct sounds to each.

Check out this Awesome Live Action Trailer from Ubisoft:

When they announced Far Cry Primal I did not think that it will work but I have swallowed my words. Far Cry Primal is amazing, it will get you hooked and you will not want to stop venturing in this era! The amount of research and work Ubisoft put into the game shows and it delivers. I will be playing this game for a long time, trying to complete everything I can. Definitely a must buy for this year!

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Age Rating: Mature
Publisher/Developer: Ubisoft / Ubisoft Montreal
Estimated RRP: R721
Release Date: 23 February 2016


  • Great setting with great hunts
  • Epic Story and very addictive


  • Addictive

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