F1 2013 Review

I can hear the engines roaring, feeling the excitement of the crowd! The start lights counts down to it’s last red light and I’m off! So starts my career as a Rookie driver in F1 2013.

Some of the Classic cars that is included in the game

This is the fifth Formula 1 title in the award winning series by Codemasters and is based on the EGO 3.0 Engine that also powers Grid 2. Codemasters added a lot of enhancements to this iteration of the game, the foremost being Classic 1980’s and 1990’s Drivers and there cars with a total of 4 extra tracks.You get 2 versions of the game the standard and “Classic edition”, both included the full race roster of 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship and 1980’s content(a total of 10 iconic drivers, 5 legendary cars and 2 iconic circuits). The “Classic edition” expands on the standard version by adding 1990’s content which includes another 7 iconic drivers,  5 legendary cars and 2 circuits of that era.F1_2013_WIP_Gamescom_1Codemaster also have improved the AI and handling of the cars to get it closer to what the real deal would feel like(especially if you use one of the force feedback steering wheels). Next to that they have included a nice feature that i really liked and it’s called Young Driver Test(it’s made especially for people trying out the game for the first time). What is nice about this feature it really lets you hone your skills on all the small (and sometimes big) tricks the big boys use that won the races. As you progress in Young Drivers mode you unlock teams that you can sign on to when you aced this mode and win medals that can be used in the game.F1_2013_WIP_Gamescom_10The next mode is called Scenario mode, you start out as a real rookie going trough the same motions as what a real life driver would do to get in to formula one. It can get a bit challenging(if you did not finish or do Young Driver mode) but that with practice can be over come and you are on your way to becoming maybe the next Schumacher. The Grand Prix mode is back, with that you can do a whole season of racing or maybe you feel like a quick game of one race. What also helps with all of these modes is a feature called Mid Season Save. What this feature does is give you an opportunity to save your progress especially when you’re doing a full race session of about 180+ minutes that is required to finish your set or when mom wants to watch her Soapie’s……. F1_2013_WIP_Gamescom_11Codemasters also have a feature that is called RaceNet. This lets you track your progress when you are not gaming and gives you some extra challenges that you can do. Also gives you some braging rights and you get app’s for your phone that gives you this access. If you sign up to Racenet you get a real iconic legend of a car, the 1976 Ferrari 312-T2 which was driven in South Africa by Niki Lauda! This car was the precursor to the 1979 Ferrari 312T4 driven by our very own Jody Scheckter and won the 1979 Italian Grand Prix!

In conclusion I would say this is a really good game to play, even if your not a racing simulation type of guy or girl. It’s fun to play and there was one or two times that I really was frustrated, but that was because I was really impatient and my own stupidity. The Graphics is stunning even if it’s on the xbox360, it really looks like they pushed the hardware to it’s limits and maybe beyond. They also captured the sound and feel of the F1 cars and circuits. My suggestion is if you don’t rush it you have some really nice arena’s to look at and the cars. This is your local Mad Scientist signing out………

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