Extinction PC Game Review

What would happen if you take some elements of Attack on Titan, a little bit for God of War, a Pinch of Shadow of the Colossus...then you will get Extinction. But it's not the perfect mix that you would expect, not to say that it is not fun to play…

The Crit

Story - 63%
Graphics - 70%
Audio - 60%
Gameplay - 56%
Replayability - 34%


User Rating: 2.7 ( 1 votes)

What would happen if you take some elements of Attack on Titan, a little bit for God of War, a Pinch of Shadow of the Colossus…then you will get Extinction. But it’s not the perfect mix that you would expect, not to say that it is not fun to play for the first few hours.

The storyline for Extinction is that you are the sole surviving member of an ancient order that protected the planet from the Ravenii. Your job basically is to fight these monsters while everybody else runs like little girls or in the protagonist case, save there terrified little lives.

The Ravenvii are categorised into two sects, the smaller human-sized Jackals and then the Massive 150-foot giants(and this is where you have your most fun and frustrations). Unfortunately, your jackal class don’t a big variety only some armour upgrades bit later on in the game and they get in the way of the big prize which is the bigger Ravenvii. This all nice in the first few hours of gameplay but get a bit repetitive later on in the game. Your Character has a whip and a sword(almost an Indiana Jones vibe) that you use for your takedowns, plus couple that with some sick parkour skills and you on your way to kick some ass. I would have loved it if there were a bit more weapons to play with, maybe some ranged knives or spears to help out with your Ravenvii killing spree.

The other thing that I hope they expand on is the storyline. I feel that there is reel potential with the story and it just needs to be fleshed out a bit more. At the moment it feels a bit lacking in that department, but they might put in more with the season pass that you can buy separately(almost R300 for it!). I love the dramatic music and feel it does lead up to your big boss fight and builds tension when playing.

Overall I was happy in a way with Extinction, but I do feel that they need to really lower the price of the game as R1000 for this game does not make it worthwhile getting it now. I would wait for a Sale(like Steam’s Summer Sale). The story is there but needs to be fleshed out a bit more and they need to bring in more variety on the Ravenvii and the events leading up to them. I would recommend this to arcade style games and Hack/Slash. This is your local mad scientist signing out….to get the season pass or not that is the question

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC/PS4/Xbox One
Genre: Hack-and-Slash/Action/Adventure
Age Rating: 18
Publisher/Developer:Maximum Games/Modus Games
Estimated RRP: R999
Release Date: 10 April 2018


  • You get to slay Freaking Giant Orges!
  • Love the Graphics style


  • The price for one is really too high for this game(especially in South Africa)
  • Can get repetitive after a few hours
  • Need a bit more on the story side of the game

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