Everspace 2 Khaït Nebula Teaser

After reviewing Everspace 2 we were excited and curious to see what lies ahead as the game progresses to the finished product, ROCKFISH Games have been working on luring the pilots to the mysterious Khaït Nebula where the players would be able to experience a significant portion of Everspace 2’s star system and will reward us with a more polished look of the game overall.

Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games quoted: “As a 100% self-funded veteran indie dev, maximum transparency with our fans has always been at the very center of our communication. As said many times before, we have a super strong vision about the game our team is passionate about making, and we’re fully committed to the promises we made in our Kickstarter campaign. However, we understand that making an arguably insanely pretty space game that borrows from various iconic space shooters as well as some of the most popular open-world ARPGs and looter-shooters might create expectations way beyond what’s within our budget and our capabilities as an indie studio of 20ish developers plus a handful of excellent external contractors.”

With all the hype created knowing that Everspace 2 is well on its way fans are getting high hopes and all are starting to form their own ideas of what Everspace 2 needs to have to be better than the first Everspace which were loved by many and played restlessly throughout the nights, the devs are trying to capture all of this and answer the community’s question by hosting over 90 weekly Gamedev and community streams on Twitch and Youtube where they also show the build of the game live in action. The Devs have confirmed that they will be releasing a new demo that is based on the most recently Early Access version for the players to test out the gameplay and functionalities without any strings attached.

The demo for Everspace 2 is content-gated, meaning that players will have access to the 1st 5 missions, 2 side quests and many different encounters in order for players to enjoy the demo to a further extend than your average demo of the game. Better yet, your saved games will carry over to the Early Access version once it releases as well so there is no need to worry about starting the game fresh once it releases, and for those who would not be able to participate in the demo and are worried about the headstart the other players might have, there will be a level cap in place to avoid the demo players to be able to get such a massive head start that it would ruin the game for the new players.

What do we know about the Khaït Nebula so far? News is that throughout the new system, players will discover a variety of new and established types of structures and locations, along with new gameplay mechanics such as mysterious alien lifeforms and remains, and yes this does include the Shadow Creatures from the prototype which will be introduced in the fall content update.

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