Endzone: A World Apart Review

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A post-apocalyptic city builder/planner with a story that pushes the city builder to the next level. In a world where a nuclear disaster has destroyed the planet, a group of survivors that bunkered down underground have now emerged to start the world over. Your Job; rebuild, re-inhabit and repopulate.

Endzone-aworldapartEndzone comes across as a unique city builder with its story giving it that progressive feeling and not just making you build cities/colonies for the sake of building it. The game play mechanics will feel very de-ja-vu if you have played any other game like this, objectives and planning are very similar; gather, farm, build, manage settlers, and upgrade infrastructure. The twist comes in the form of various nuclear aftereffects that you face; constant radiation, toxic rain, sandstorms and droughts. This makes the planning part of the builder unique in my opinion, there are other builders out there that do this but not as attached to the story in my opinion.

Graphics in Endzone are not the greatest you have seen but for a city builder, they are definitely up there with some of the best, remember this game is in “Early Access”. I never experienced any visual glitches or problems with the graphics, things were clipping correctly, and settlers were quite detailed for an early access game, I am giving it benefit of the doubt due to the early access label. I found that the game ran quite intense on my GPU and I had the odd large FPS drop, which I hardly experience on my GTX 1080. Audio is quite boring and very city builder typical, like every other city builder I usually turn on Spotify and go at it. Settler prompts aren’t as frequent as other titles and I thank God for this.

The overall feel to this game is very familiar, however, it is easily one of the most difficult city builders I have played. The way I usually tell if a strategic city builder is good or not, is in the realism of the building and layout control and in my 5 restarts of Endzone, I found that Endzone definitely doesn’t not care too much about the way your colony looks or how practical it is, all it cares about is survival. This made me start to think; this should be classified as a strategic survival game, not a city builder; Yes, you are building a city but with no real planning to drive the survival of your colony. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed playing the game and it could potentially keep me busy for hours and hours, but I do feel like there is more to come that will drive the game in a direction that they intend; a survival city builder and planner.


  • Fresh Take Simulation Survival Game
  • Beautiful Graphics


  • City Building and Planning seems irrelevant
  • Audio is boring and repetitive


Story - 6.9
Graphics - 7.3
Audio - 4.5
Gameplay - 7.1
Replayability - 8.4

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