Elder Scrolls Online: Scalebreaker Review

The Season of the Dragon continues with Scalebreaker, bringing two challenging new dungeons for you and your team: Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok. Battle a powerful vampire and put an end to the corrupting influence of an all-new Dragon. The fight has only just begun!

This is the Third of four expansions releasing for the Year of the Dragon,
The Elder Scrolls Online kicked off the Season of the Dragon by letting players collect the two halves of the Wrathstone. Reuniting the halves unleashed the fury of dragons upon Tamriel. Players were later brought into Elsweyr to help fight back the plague they brought into the Khajiit homeland. Now, players must deal with the consequences of allowing dragons to once again roam free across Tamriel in Scalebreaker. Players must square off against Maarselok, whose corruption is quite catching, as well a vampire who believes true power lies within the heart of a Dragon.

Lair of Maarselok

The Lair of Maarselok takes players to the mountains in Grahtwood, in the Aldmeri Dominion.

Players must make their way through a land of corruption to face off against Maarselok. When players helped reunite the halves of the Wrathstone, this beast was awoken. Needless to say, this was highly regarded by many in Tamriel as a very bad idea.

When players arrive at the lair, it is evident that things are not quite as they seem. There is an eery, unnatural look to the area. Even though it is a sight to behold, it is caused by the influence of Maarselok. Maarselok’s corruption allows him to protect himself as the players make their though the beautiful, albeit deadly, dungeon.

This dragon is quite clever making it the road a difficult one for players. The dungeon, like Moongrave Fane and other dungeon DLCs of the past, is intended for a four-player party. Maarselok’s corruption ensures that reaching him is no easy feat. Players will need to work together to fight the bosses under the thrall of the dragon.

When players successfully defeat Maarselok’s minions, they must face Maarselok himself. As was proven in the Elsweyr DLC, players are not the Dragonborn, and these aren’t your normal Skyrim dragons. Beings like Maarselok are clever and quite powerful. Success is not easy, but a party in sync will be able to bring Maarselok’s corruption to an end.

Moongrave Fane

When arriving at the dungeon, you’ll find in front of the ruins of a Khajitti temple. The Hollowfang Clan has taken residence inside the ruins and is holding a felled dragon captive. One member, Grundwulf, is a former member of the Dragonguard. Grundwulf believes that drinking the blood of the dragon will make him more powerful than people could imagine.

Inside the ruins, you’ll come across some members of the Hollowfang Clan playing with a massive block. The members were able to strike the block and send it sliding across the ground. This block movement is actually one of the core mechanics to solving puzzles and defeating enemies in the Moongrave Fane DLC. Having this mechanic introduced early in a relatively safe environment and subsequently utilized through the rest of the dungeon made it feel quite natural.

Scalebreaker is a wonderful expansion to the Season of the Dragon event, as well as to The Elder Scrolls Online as a whole. The DLC is now available on all platforms and is available for 1,500 crowns. A collector’s bundle, which includes the DLC as well as five Crown Experience Scrolls, the Ancient Dragon Hunter Horse mount, and the Ancient Dragon Hunter Wolf pet, is available for 4,000 crowns.



Story - 7.5
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 6
Replayability - 7

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