Dungeon Brah

From the mind of Louis du Pisani, one of the creators of  BOET FIGHTER!

Comes a whole new style of game to match the current times we are in (Loadshedding etc)

Read the very first press release and announcement of:

Dungeon Brah

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there… Dungeon Brah is the latest game, this time round it’s a deck-building card game which I’m really excited about.

Dungeon Brah predates Boet Fighter, and much like Jengo got put on hold when Boet Fighter grabbed the wheel. With this game, it was first designed on paper and playtested to the point where the game was fun before a single piece of art was created. This was a very healthy approach. Tonally I populated the world with ‘poser’ RPG characters, a nod to how I feel making my first title in this space.

The initial plan was to design this game (as a full board game) with my best childhood pal (I’m the filthy casual, he’s the elite neckbeard) and share ALL the art duties with a talented local artist (who did contribute the Florence hero artwork) – but due to time, the collaborations didn’t pan out.

But enough exposition. Dungeon Brah is a deck-builder with some fun art and some really fun mechanics. It’s simple enough to explain to a drunk in under 2 minutes (this is the core design principle), but has enough utility to allow for a nice evolving meta. The idea is that you’ll have some amusing shouting matches with your pals, from casuals to fully leveled neckbeards.

In short, this time it’s just for love.

So, bio:

Dungeon Brah is a comical Dungeon Deck-Builder game. It’s a game you play with friends to test those friendships and hopefully share a laugh (sometimes haha, sometimes bwahaha, usually muahahaha).

Within the dungeon roams a terrible Cathulhian beast, Kevin. You are on a noble quest to steal the loot or be the sole survivor…

With noble intentions, you and your party members embark on this quest, which will very soon devolve into disarray as loot runs low. Avoid Kevin at all costs when you’re weak and storm into glorious battle when you’re OP to claim the beast’s treasures!

Dungeon Brah can be played with 2-4 pals.


*card art and text subject to change

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