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It took Bioware 4 years of development to bring out this next instalment in the Dragon Age series, but playing Dragon Age: Inquisition you cannot help but feel it was worth it!

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This game is huge, if you want something to keep you busy December then this game is definitely a go. 50-60 hours to complete the critical path of the game is no jokes! The game has been developed on the Frosbite 3 engine and is the biggest game built on it. To give you an idea on how big the world is, after the Prologue you will experience the area of the Hinterlands, this area alone is bigger than Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 combined! The game is beautifully designed and you can see it in the graphics and how amazing the different sceneries are.

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Before we start off, let’s begin with the Dragon Age Keep. If you have played the previous instalments you can go to dragonagekeep.com and it will import all your previous choices of the previous games, it will then create a unique “World State” for you to import when you start Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you haven’t finished the previous games then it also allows you to make choices to complete your journey. This is a great addition as it rewards fans of the series and also puts in a little twist. If you haven’t played any of the previous games then do not stress as it will not impact you from playing Inquisition. So with that bit done let’s go on to your Character.

This is the biggest character generator that Bioware has ever built so there are tons of options to choose from on how your character looks but before that you have to first choose your race, class and gender. There are 4 races to choose form Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and Qunari and ech race will have it’s own attribute bonuses except for the humans who gets an extra ability point to start off with. Races also impacts certain conversations and romances in the game so choose well ;p

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There are 3 classes to choose from Warrior, Rogue and Mage. With Rogue you can choose to either start as an Archer or a Dual-Wield and with the Warrior you can choose to starts as either a Two-Handed or Weapon and Shield. With the mage you do not have a choice. At a later stage there are three class specializations that you can choose to specialize your character in, for instance you can specialize as a Rogue Assassin. So after you have made these difficult choice you then go ahead and customize the looks of your character and after that the fun starts.

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You start off with the prologue and getting to know the gameplay of Inquisition, the tutorials are nice set out and you can go and revisit them later in the menu. The game plays very well and I like the search function you have to look for “loot” laying around. Crafting has also been hugely improved as you gather tons of materials and use them to craft new items, item upgrades or potions. You can upgrade items with empty socket and with gems, socketed upgraded can be removed and added as you want but inserting a gem into a weapon for instance is permanent. Straight form the prologue there are tons of things to do. You will first run around in Haven talking to everyone and finding out how everything works, then you will eventually get to the War Table.

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At the War Table you meet with the members of the Inquisition to plan your strategic moves, perform scouting operations and missions. This fits in well with the plot and adds something unique to the franchise, from the here you will also unlock new areas for your to travel to and explore. With performing missions you will gain Inquisition Perks this you spend on special abilities and perks for your Inquisition. Mounts are also a first in this game, you unlock your mount during one of the main story missions and from there you can use your mount to travel across large distances. You cannot fight while on your mount  so be careful not rush into battle while on top of your mount.

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This is the first time that a Dragon Age game has Multiplayer. The multiplayer works in a similar way as to Mass Effect 3 where you and some team mates battle in a sort of dungeon crawl stage. There are 12 characters to choose from where they all belong to the 3 basic classes Rogue, Warrior and Mage. As you play you will pick up items, gain gold and experience all to customize your character. Just make sure that you can complete a mission either succeeding or failing as only then will experience points be awarded. You get 3 lives or “falls” as they call it, after the third you will fall into the fade and be forced to watch your team mates succeed or fail.

I will be able to go on and on about this game as it is so big and there is so much to do and cover but it you can only read so much before interest gets lost. Fans of the RPG genre will Love this game and will be happy to play this through until next year, fans of the series definitely have to check this game out! Definitely a huge contender for Game of the Year, sneaking in from out of nowhere.

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