Dr Kawashima’s Brain training for Nintendo Switch Review

Dr Kawashima’s Brain training has been a learning genre game for a number of years. It was first introduced on the Nintendo DS and 3DS and now we can have fun on the Nintendo SWITCH with a more interactive experience.

The game is retailed with a stylus that aids you with your game play and some of the activities are performed with the joy-cons such as Rock, paper, scissors or finger counting. The IR motion camera on the right joy-con picks up your finger shape and processes the image based on your hand movement and registers it as your chosen answer, so I hope your math skills are up to scratch.

As you do your daily training you unlock new exercises and some of them are not just for training but also just to unwind. The game focuses on your ability to process information quickly and tests your skills from reading out loud, speed reading, math calculations, duel selection, music and so much more. My favourite is sudoku. You can also test your brain age with the IR motion sensor capability. The brain age test puts you through a series of exercises that test different areas of your prefrontal cortex and based on that data your brain age is calculated. Each week you redo your brain age to see how far you’ve come from starting the game to a few months down the line of game/learning play.

Dr Kawashima’s Brain training is fun for the whole family. If you have multiple users on your Nintendo SWITCH, then each player’s data is logged to their own profile. You can compete amongst your family members and there is also an option to upload your data to the community data bank and compete with other people. Some of the games are also designed for co-op play, so it is not just your individual scores that get measured on a score board, but you can play against a family member is match of skill and wit.

This is a fun and interactive game to play. If you make it feel like work it will be, but if you enjoy training that grey matter to keep a healthy brain then go ahead and try out: Dr Kawashima’s Brain training.



Story - 7.3
Graphics - 6.5
Audio - 6.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Replayability - 9.1

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