Dog Duty

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Dog Duty
Dog Duty

Opening up this indie title I was instantly hooked by the 2D pixelated art style meshed with old School 3D graphics, it instantly gives you the vibe of an old 80’s action movie combined with the arcade games of old.

An “Octopus Commander” and his army are threatening world-peace, you and rag tag group of misfits are tasked with taking back freedom and eliminating this Octo-scum. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s almost every generic action movie/game from the 80’s, but that is what makes the story so fun.

You can pitch Dog Duty as, Broforce, but a top down real time tactical shooter. I say Broforce because it follows that satirical tongue-in-cheek humour with your stereotypical heroes and villains. The gameplay is very fun and destructive, you have to use the environment and each heroes special abilities to gain the upper hand, although the autoaiming is a bit off and wish there was a better way to manage you heroes on the map it’s still fun. You have to go from outpost to outpost and destroy Octo’s empire piece by piece unlocking more characters with unique abilities, and you get to these outpost’s by driving, never though controlling a vehicle by just holding in the mouse button could be so fun. The vehicle can also trample structures, enemies and other vehicles, you cannot go wrong with that.

Verdict The retro Action gameplay coupled with the cliché characters and story you will have a very enjoyable experience forgiving all the small gameplay shortcomings. This is an indie title sure to make any gamer proud to support the developers.

The Good

• Good Retro Art Style

• Funny story and characters

• The Vehicles

The Bad

• AI is a bit iffy

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