Doctor Who Deep Breath DVD Review and Giveaway

Deep Breath DVD (1)After Matt Smith’s highly successful outing as the 11th Doctor, the Whovians were very apprehensive, and understandably so, of the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. We had gotten used to Smith’s almost slapstick portrayal of our beloved Timelord and it was almost unbearable to imagine someone taking over this iconic role.

“Deep Breath” was the first episode of Capaldi’s first season as The Doctor and it turned out to be so popular and entertaining that a decision was made to release it as a standalone DVD / Blu-Ray. We get introduced to Capaldi in an awe-inspiring scene where The Doctor and his TARDIS got swallowed whole by a female dinosaur. Said dinosaur starts choking on the blue box stuck inside her throat and out comes The Doctor and his box, covered by slime and phlegm from the dinosaur’s insides.

Deep Breath DVD (3)

The Doctor seems to be just as confused as we are, not knowing the people around him, including his trusted companion Clara and his very good friends The Paternoster Gang. After the dinosaur meets a very untimely and gruesome death the Doctor sets off to find out what happened to the animal. Meantime, Clara is left behind on her own, wondering whether he’ll ever come back for her or whether she’s stuck in this timeline, having to fend off the, uhm, “strange” advances of the Sontaran butler Strax.Deep Breath DVD (1)

This episode was the perfect introduction to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and many Whovians fell in love straight away with this version of the Doctor. I have to admit I was one of them, and I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The mix of dinosaurs, time travel and a weird restaurant filled with strange patrons made this for me the perfect Doctor Who episode. Granted, if you’re not a fan of the series you won’t get the hype so sadly this DVD will not appeal to every person out there but it’s a must have for any Whovian’s Doctor Who collection.

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The BBC was so awesome to include a bunch of extra features on this disc which includes a 20 minutes reel of behind the scenes footage as well as a short documentary called ‘The Real History of Science Fiction: Time Travel’. If you’re a fan you HAVE to add this DVD to your collection, so that you can watch Peter Capaldi makes in grand entrance as the 12th Doctor, over and over again.


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