Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Review

Disney Infinity 2.0 brings along a new set of characters, Marvel Super Heroes and with the starter pack you get three of the iconic Avengers namely Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow.

Starter Pack Marvel Heroes

It’s been just over a year when the first Disney Infinity was released and with the news of second being brought out it was received well, especially with the announcement of the Marvel Super Heroes joining the ranks. All of the old characters will still work in the Toy Box but no play sets will work. A lot of improvement has been done in 2.0 so let’s see what has been done.

With the new release they have done some changes to the gameplay and system. Your characters now upgrade in levels and earn skill points to unlock skills and abilities. Some characters can now fly if they have the ability to do so. fighting and shooting has also been improved on. at certain times you may feel that they could’ve done a bit more to the mechanics but in my opinion it is still going in the right direction.

Disney Infinity [2.0]_20141226160645

The world has also been enlarged as you can see in the video above, the height that you can go to is insane and for the first time you can now enter some buildings. In the Toy box a lot has been done, you will find more things to build and buy. You also now have a Interior to build, decorate and play with. The tutorials to teach you about all the new things you can do is nicely laid out. I did however find one bug with one of the tutorials but when I resetted the gameplay if was fine again.

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So with the initial release of 2.0 you get Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow with the starter pack along with 2 power discs. Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk can be bought separately. All of the characters are great to play with and each bring something special to the field. As with the previous, you also have certain missions that only certain characters can do but instead of it being locked to a specific character it is locked to a class e.g. Flyer, Tactician or Strong. Shortly after the release two new play sets along with relevant characters were released namely Spider-Man’s Playset and Guardians of the Galaxy. The Characters are:
Spider-Man Playset: Spider-Man, Nova, Venom*, Nick Fury*, Iron Fist* and Green Goblin*
Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Drax

One great thing about the new play-sets are that you can unlock cross-over characters, the cross-over characters are:

The Avengers: Nova*, Rocket Raccoon
Spider-Man: Hulk*, Iron Man, Nova*
Guardians of the Galaxy: Iron Man, Nova*

* Character figures sold separately

Disney Infinity [2.0]_20141226160727

This makes the play sets last longer and adds a bit of depth to the game. No other play sets has been confirmed yet and we all eagerly waiting to see what will be next. A range of new characters are available like Aladdin, Donald Duck, Maleficent, Mera, Stich, Tinker Bell, Baymax, Hiro and more. Hopefully they will not take to long to bring out more things for the 2.0 and who knows maybe we will see Star Wars join the gang next.

As with Disney Infinity 1, this is a great game to play for young and old and thoroughly enjoyed while playing with younger kids. There are a few games out now where it uses figures along with the game like Skylander and the newly released Amiibo figures from Nintendo each with their own good points but I do not think that any of the other will appeal more to kids than the Disney and Marvel franchise

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