Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Review

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While Devil May Cry 5 Has been released just over a year and a half ago, Devil May Cry 5:Special Edition has come to the PlayStation 5.

This edition comes with brand new graphics, Ray Tracing, a Performance Mode to Reach 120FPS (If you have the TV to handle it), Two new gameplay modes, and a brand-new Character to play as, in the form of Vergil.

Playing as Vergil feels completely different from the other characters, He immediately feels overpowered as he starts off with two sword types and Dante’s arm from DMC4. He has a long-range attack to extend your combo meter, he can teleport to whichever enemy you’re locked onto and fighting with (This feels absolutely fantastic at 120fps) and he can also summon a clone to fight which also extends your combo meter considerably. Of course, you can unlock more moves and abilities throughout the game, but the above moves are just Vergil’s base abilities. Vergil has his own campaign which is rather short-lived and devoid of all cutscenes, So it does just really feel like a DLC.

The Other new mode included in the game is the return of the Legendary Dark Knight Mode, which is basically hard mode with a ton more enemies at the same time.


Outside of all the new changes above, there’s nothing really extra added to the game. It’s a worthy pickup if you don’t own the game on PS4 or Xbox one yet and want the new graphical modes and gameplay.


  • Plays and feels great on PS5
  • Legendary Dark Knight Mode


  • Not worth picking up a whole new copy just for a DLC
  • Vergil is Super Over-Powered.


Story - 8.5
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 7.9
Gameplay - 8.8
Replayability - 9.5

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