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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

Adam Jensen is back in Mankind Divided, bigger, better and more Augmented. The game takes place two years after Human Revolution and the story straight away takes you on a wild journey. Jensen now works for a Human Special Ops team trying to hold the peace between humans and…

The Crit

Story - 89%
Graphics - 91%
Audio - 90%
Gameplay - 91%
Replayability - 89%


User Rating: 4 ( 1 votes)

GES Award

Adam Jensen is back in Mankind Divided, bigger, better and more Augmented. The game takes place two years after Human Revolution and the story straight away takes you on a wild journey.

Jensen now works for a Human Special Ops team trying to hold the peace between humans and Augmented humans. The tensions are high and the stakes even higher. How will Jensen cope working for humans and being augmented himself?

The main story will run about the same for everyone but the side missions or encounters will differ depending on which dialogues you choose and the actions you take. The game is mostly a first person game with a lot of RPG elements to it and it also goes into 3rd person view for cover and stealth modes. If you did not play Human Revolution or cannot remember what happened in the game, you do not have to worry, there is a twelve-minute video that replays the events of Human Revolution and will get you up to speed in no time. This is a fantastic feature to add in the game, which I found very helpful and entertaining.

You can upgrade your augments on the fly when leveling up or gaining praxis, which are your upgrade points. Adam Jensen has discovered some new augments that were dormant in his body and after some event gets activated but because he has so many enhancements already it causes his system to become unstable. Until he can get it fixed you have to turn other augments off if you want to use some of these new enhancements. Some of the new augments are: Remote Hacking, Nano Blades and Tesla burst, the others I will leave for you to discover.

Customizing your weapons can now be done on the fly, anywhere, anytime. Be sure to remember to upgrade your weapons as well to make it better as you progress. Crafting parts are everywhere but you have to choose if you rather want to save them to make your gun more powerful or to craft that much needed Biocell for an energy boost.

The game plays great and it feels much more reactive than Human Revolution, the controls have changed a bit but you can set it to different layout to which ever you prefer. You are also more free to play the game you want to as it is designed that you do not have to kill anyone if you do not want to but that is much easier said than done. Hacking is also fun and with the remote hacking ability, you can have even more fun.

The game looks beautiful with rich environments that fits in well with the theme of the game, the different areas also looks different and you can see if you are in a posh area or in the slums. The music also ties in nicely and is not overpowering taking away from the game.

Apart from the campaign you can also Enter the Breach. This is a type of online mode where you are a hacker working to take down the illuminati. A nice tutorial will teach you everything you need to be on your way. Your hacking avatar moves the same as Adam Jensen in the campaign and the inventory works roughly the same as well with some minor differences. To get items in this mode you need to earn cash and buy booster packs. Weapons and items have class ratings to them which will allow you to customise them and obviously the better the rating the better the weapon. Each node or stage you hack has an objective to achieve and sometimes they will have more than one.

Time is also of the essence in the stages and you need to exist the node/stage before time runs out. In every section there is a mission to perform as well but this is optional, it will be worth it completing them though.

Now you might ask but how is it an online mode. So the online part works as follows. Once you have completed a stage you can decide to send your results to people as a challenge. You can choose to either use your score you achieved or the time it took you to complete the stage.

This is a great mode and a great addition to the game. It is a great way to prolong value and gameplay after you have finished the campaign.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a well-rounded game and a worthy successor for Human Revolution. They improved on their mistakes and added great new features. That’s it for me for now as I’m returning to the Breach to go hack some more nodes…

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PS4, PC, Xbox One
Genre: Action role-playing, first-person shooter, stealth
Age Rating: Mature
Publisher/Developer: Square Enix / Eidos Montreal
Estimated RRP: R899
Release Date: 23 August 2016


  • Great Improvements
  • Interesting Story
  • The Breach


  • Need more ammo
  • Difficult to get places to trade

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