Deadpool #52: Dead Part 3


Deadpool Wants To Die!


Why? To get it on with Death of course. But sheesh; invincibility can be such a bitch; and it’s all that’s standing between him and the hottest chick who never lived.

That’s where the serum that will negate his healing capabilities comes in. Or it would, if he could get his eager little hands on it.

Unfortunately Deadpool’s not the only one after the serum; Daken, Wolverine’s son, still has daddy issues and wants the serum for his own use.

Luckily Deadpool has the X-Force and best bud Hydra Bob on his side. Or maybe not, but maybe yes. Maybe it’s all just voices in his head. Either way, it all comes together as the serum finally seems within reach … possibly even his.

Daniel Way
Ale Garza (Penciler)
Sean parsons (Inker)
Dommo Sanchez Amara (Colourist)
Cover Art:
Dave Johnson

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