Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package

elcome to Willamette, a town where anything is possible. Come to our Super Mall and enjoy a relaxing day out. You will be able to look forward to all sorts of activities for you and the kids; from deep tissue massages you can really sink your teeth into, to playing…

The Crit

Story - 70%
Graphics - 75%
Audio - 65%
Gameplay - 65%
Replayability - 50%


whole bunch of Meh

Left far to much to much to be desired.

User Rating: 3.7 ( 1 votes)

Welcome to Willamette, a town where anything is possible. Come to our Super Mall and enjoy a relaxing day out. You will be able to look forward to all sorts of activities for you and the kids; from deep tissue massages you can really sink your teeth into, to playing dress up as some of CAPCOM’s most iconic characters. For the more adventurous types, you can try your hand at brain surgery with a wrench to crafting weapons in the extremely unlikely event of a zombie outbreak. Did I say Zombie, NO! I meant state-of-the-art mobile targets! So come to Willamette where anything is possible.

Disclaimer: Willamette, its population and any of the scientists (involved or otherwise) cannot be held liable for any possibility of injury, infection or highly likeliness of death and the great time you and your family will have here. Should you have been bitten nibbled, please feel free to join the general population of Willamette where you will give up all your human rights as you are no longer a human and receive treatment for your ouchies and booboo’s.

The Zombie outbreak has been cured and all is fine and dandy or so Frank thought. Frank West, the photo journalist that cracked the cases in previous titles is back for another round of zombie smashing antics and shenanigans.

Vicky Chu (Vick) tricks Frank into believing that they are going to play a scintillating game of mini-golf but instead tricks him into investigating a super-secret scientific facility that has one guard on patrol. The horror’s they see can only be described as horrific and evidence be shown to the world. Frank quickly dispatches the population of zombies that could fill a small town without breaking a sweat. Aided by his trusty camera that has more tricks up its sleeve than a shady poker dealer, he grabs the story of the several years and makes a dash for the escape where his ass is abandoned by Vick. A few months down the line and a ZDC operative by the name Brad Park asks that you investigate the new outbreak that has occurred on Black Friday and has been ravaging Willamette some time.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Frank West is the protagonist… again, Willamette is the source of a new outbreak… again and Frank needs to crack the case… again. Being a person who never played the last three titles I did a bit of research and discovered that CAPCOM really doesn’t like Willamette. I also found out that this is not the greatest game in the series… by far. Unmemorable one-liners, boring characters and NPC’s with as much life as a stone is what can be expected. The crafting of silly weapons, half decent skill tree, weird clothing choices and selfies with said cloths are unfortunately not nearly enough to save Dead Rising 4. At first I was amped to play one of the titles of Dead Rising but the monotony of pounding wave after wave of zombies and idiots with guns got a little rotten (zombie joke (Don’t act like you didn’t know it was coming)). There was one part that did peak my interest was being able to put on outfits of other beloved CAPCOM franchises and use their special move in combat, but again this wears thing quite quickly. I would also advise staying away from Cammy’s suite: It’s British espionage at its wedgiest.

I had high hopes for Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package but fell very short. The characters are as dull as the environments. Granted they are pretty big but become too much of the same and eventually fall into the realm of Meh. You can find too many of the strongest weapons very early in the game and does not let you work for it. The new element of soldiers doesn’t really help either as they are deathly accurate (suppose you can argue that it’s more lifelike) but will leave you clambering around through thousands of items of crap strewn across the maps just to get some health. This might be a weird case of just too many options. I do have to give Dead Rising credit for the PS4 port, I only ran into one very minor visual bug but ran smoothly all together. If Dead Rising 4 was supposed to raise the series, it left it as more of a shambling course raised by some cliché scientific organisation.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: Xbox One, Windows
Genre: Survival Horror
Age Rating: 16+
Publisher/Developer: CAPCOM Vancouver, Microsoft Studios 
Estimated RRP: R779
Release Date: 5 December 2017


  • Crazy Weapons
  • Crazy Costumes
  • Runs Great on PS4


  • Dull
  • Uninspired

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