Dead or Alive 6 Review

The fighter of Team Ninja returns! Dead or Alive 6 is here and we will take a look at what makes DOA6 a game to get or not? The Dead or Alive series has been around since 1996 and made such an impact that it even had a film adaptation…

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Story - 77%
Graphics - 84%
Audio - 71%
Gameplay - 80%
Replayability - 76%


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The fighter of Team Ninja returns! Dead or Alive 6 is here and we will take a look at what makes DOA6 a game to get or not?

The Dead or Alive series has been around since 1996 and made such an impact that it even had a film adaptation of DOA: Dead or Alive which was released in 2006 and had stars like Jaime Pressly and Holly Valance. It wasn’t the best movie around, but it was there. Even though Dead or Alive 6 is the 6 game in the series, there are tons of different releases of the games. If you just look at Dead or Alive 5 we have the normal version then Plus, Ultimate, Ultimate: Arcade, Last Round and Infinite. To be fair every version is a release on different types of hardware.

Let’s get on to Dead or Alive 6. They tried to make the game more accessible to newcomers and in a way, it does deliver even though the menu can still feel very confusing and overwhelming, but we will get to that. DOA6 is the first game to have costume customization which is great but that is not all that is new.

The main story continues on from DOA5 and you can expect the same type of storytelling, intertwining all the characters. The famous DOA fighting system gets improved and if you are not that familiar of the DOA system, it has a Triangle System where Strikes beat throws, throws beat holds and holds beat strikes. If you understand those basics, then you off to a great start but now there’s more. The Break Gauge system introduces a special attack meter which you can use to execute a Break Blow or Break Hold. A Break Blow is a special attack smash and a Break Hold is an ultra-hold that can return upper, middle or lower attacks. Fatal Rush is also a new combo move of up to four attacks that can make anyone look like a pro.

Fighters showing some sweating after matches return and to improve on showing the fatigue and damage of battle, now some damaged-on fighters and their costumes will show as well.

DOA Central is the new mode where lots of time will be spent, here you can customize your favourite characters the way you want to, but you will have to earn, buy and unlock customizations. New stages are also present on Dead or Alive 6, danger zones are still here so be careful not to get smashed into these. Rumble Danger is where a fighter is hit into the crowd, the crowd can in return push the fighter back into the ring and then causes an opening for the opponent. A lot of objects are also destructible in stages and can give some damage boosts if you knock your opponent into them. There are also some great stage transitions that can occur where you hit your opponent into another stage.

There are 27 playable fighters in DOA6 with 2 new fighters, Nico and Diego. They are great additions to the team and fits in well. Nico is a MIST scientist and originates from Finland where Diego and a Mexican-American street fighter. As with DOA5 there is a massive tutorial/training section which can help any level player understand all the basics to advanced moves in Dead or Alive 6.

This brings us to the modes and menus. You get Story – which is the main story, then there is DOA Quest which is a list of quests to be completed. You can earn up to three stars for each quest and every star is related to a task you need to complete in a predefined match. Under Fight you get the following modes, Versus: Fight against the computer or other players locally, Arcade: Fight against a random selection of opponents to try to achieve the highest score, Time Attack: Fight against a specific number of opponents within a specified time limit and Survival: Defeat as many opponents as you can, as they appear one after another. For the online modes you will get Ranked and Lobby matches.

Under the training section you get the following vast selection. Free Training, Tutorial: Close to 200 training categories available to deepen your understanding of the game system. Command Training: Practice button commands and actions with each character. Combo Challenge: Test your moves and combo skills of each character in this mode.There is so much content in Dead or Alive 6 that will keep you busy for months. I like the changes they implemented, and it improves the game a lot. Unfortunately, we have no local distributor for the game but you can still buy it digitally. A definitive must have for fighter fans!

Reviewed on: PS4
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Release Date: 1 March 2019

Likes: Great improvements, damage on players and customization.

Dislikes: Menu can feel overwhelming

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