Dark Eclipse VR

When RTS and MOBA take a turn into the world of VR, you get the feeling that something doesn’t add up and you’d be right, however, Dark Eclipse really took the MOBA VR seriously and gave a gaming experience that would even make the most experienced MOBA players comfortable.

The PSVR is fast becoming on the most popular VR headsets in the world, due to its affordability and ease of access. This should surely mean that there is a big enough market for a MOBA, as SUNSOFT Japan released a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena to cater for the VR audience exclusively. My biggest argument against MOBA on VR would be the audience, something tells me that the VR community are not closely related to the MOBA community, but that’s just a matter of opinion based on my personal interactions. This genre worried me, but here is what I found when I jumped into the Free-to-Play MOBA VR:


Unlike most MOBAs (In which you control one hero consistently), Dark Eclipse lets you take control of 3 hero simultaneously, throwing around orders and watching on as your heroes take to battle and do their thing (very RTS styled). Being F2P, there will be the presence of micro-transactions, however, you can also earn the same currency through grinding hours into the game (So basically the currency can be used to buy skins, armour, and more non-cosmetic items that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, ultimately leading to some Pay-to-Win aspect).

Virtual Reality

Out the gate, this was not executed nearly as well as it could have been. You HAVE to use the DS4 and cannot use the motion controls, which is insanely annoying.  Secondly, the movement of the arena is easily the most disorientating thing in any VR game I’ve ever played, I do not get motion sickness ever (I can play Switch in the back seat of a moving car and be fine), yet the movement of the camera as you pan around the arena made me feel ill. I found that eventually I positioned myself in the centre above the arena and just reach down and grabbed the minions as and when I needed to. This is probably the main reason I think MOBA VR Should not be a thing until they come up with something better.

Graphics and Audio

Strangely smooth, clean and distinct colours with a touch of depth in the black that I haven’t seen in a comic animated VR game before. My only peeve would be the distortion outside the area of focus, it is much more noticeable than most other VR titles, coming a close 2nd to worst; Catch and Release. Ive added these sections together because I feel like there is so much going on in this title that this is the least of our worries. The audio is slightly above average, nothing spectacular, didn’t find there to be a magnificent 3D audio aspect that wowed me, overall this section was pretty MEH.

Overall Analysis

So, in my opinion, MOBAs should not be a thing on VR, not because the game is bad, in fact the game is really fun and exciting in the short doses I could play before needing to lay down. The game is awesome and any MOBA enthusiasts will love the new twist on the RTS and MOBA genres, but the game falls flat when it comes to translating that into the world of VR.

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