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Cosplayer Spotlight #4 – Kirstie Du Plessis

Yuna, FFX, Little Penuin Cosplay

Introducing Kirstie Du Plessis, owner of Little Penguin Cosplay, a Johannesburg cosplayer for the past 4 years.

One of the most amazing Hyuuga Hinita cosplays  I’ve ever seen belongs to Little Penguin, she is absolutely one of the greats in the South African Cosplay Community and deserves such a title.

Kirstie has a ton of amazing cosplays under her belt and her work is absolutely stunning.

Although it must be a very complicated choice as to which cosplay is her favorite, Kirstie seriously put a lot of thought into this.

According to Kirstie, It’s very difficult to choose an overall favorite simply because she loves so many of her cosplays, for so many reasons. For example:

Ahri because she is most proud of it.

Hiccup because it’s the most comfortable

Teemo because she had the most fun

But the one that combines everything would have to be Yuna (FFX)

Kirstie definitely pulls off League of Legends champions really well but her Arcade Sona is the one cosplay that has given her the most attention from her fans, friends and fellow cosplayers

As Cosplayers, as much as we want to be able to make all of our own outfits, weapons and props, sometimes it’s basically impossible. Kirstie wants people to know it’s OK to buy a cosplay, and she does it all the time, not every one of her cosplays are exclusively hand made by her. She commissions from local seamstresses and even buys online. She feels it’s OK to buy a cosplay it doesn’t make you less of a cosplayer. She enjoys every second of being her favorite characters, whether it’s a self-made cosplay or not.

You can follow Little Penguin’s epic cosplay adventures here: https://www.facebook.com/LittlePenguinCosplay

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