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Cosplayer Spotlight #3 – Lynette Stander

Introducing Lynette Stander. Owner of Cywiel Cosplay an absolutely brilliant cosplayer from Sasolburg who has impressed the community with her beautiful cosplays for the past 2 years. She started her successful adventure in the cosplay world at KinCon 2014.

Lynette Stander, Cywiel Cosplay
Lynette Stander – Owner of Cywiel Cosplay

A common trait of cosplayers is they have a knack for art and most of the time have an artistic background, and use cosplay as a means of expressing themselves or feeding the creative little monsters inside of us. Lynette is no different! She always loved dressing up and enjoyed art. When her friend introduced her to cosplay she was ecstatic. She saw it as an opportunity to be creative again and after a long dry spell and demotivation from anything creative it almost came as a form of salvation to her.


Lynette likes to cosplay a lot of darker or unconventional characters and likes the less traveled road when choosing her cosplays. The best part about cosplay has to be the friends one make on the journey as some of the people are pure inspiration, each with their own individual styles and tastes.

She is most well known in the community for her Seraphim cosplay from Sacred 2 as many from the community and her fans recognized the cosplay and enjoyed the game. Her favorite cosplay that she’s done will definitely have to be Hera. Although she describes the making process as tedious, she loves being the character, adores the colours and walking around in a big feathery skirt (who wouldn’t want to feel magical like that?!)

It is evident that Lynette is extremely talented and her attention to detail is near flawless. Her cosplays are beautiful and her self-confidence really shines through at every event and in every photograph. Her friendly, sweet personality feels so welcoming so don’t be afraid to give her page a like and show her some well-deserved support!

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