Rick Sanchez at rAge 2017. Picture by Linda from GES-SA
Rick Sanchez at rAge 2017. Picture by Linda from GES-SA

Cosplayer of the Month November 2017 | Steve Kitley

Red Power Ranger from MMPR. Photography by Giantshev Photography

What a crazy couple of months we’ve had, and it shows in our infrequent cosplay updates right?? Well to make up for the lack of posts, we’re featuring an awesome Gauteng based Cosplayer this month and we’re sure you will enjoy this feature as much as we did putting it together. Steve Kitley is not only a proper comic and gaming geek but his pop culture cosplays always blows us away so we were excited to find out more about Steve and his cosplay journey….

Hiya Steve!! Tell us a bit more about the person behind the cosplay persona?

I have always been into geek culture ever since I can remember. I grew up reading Harvey Comics (Richie Rich, Hot Stuff etc.) as I grew older I discovered the amazing Marvel and DC universe. I also love gaming, before I owned my first Nintendo System I used to convert my whole allowance into 20c pieces. This was then spent at the local grocery store up the road from where I grew up to play arcade games.

How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why do you enjoy it?

When I first moved up to JHB around 7 years ago, I went to my first rage and saw a hand full of people in cosplay. I hit fan boy mode as it was so amazing seeing some of my favourite characters in real life. This to me is the part of cosplay I enjoy the most, bringing joy and a smile to someone face as they see a character they have played in a game, watched in a movie or seen in a series come to life. Also the amazingness of meeting some really epic people who are into the same crazy geeky stuff I enjoy.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of cosplaying? If yes, please tell us more about it

I collect signed comics – my favourite artist of all time being Michael Turner for his Supergirl covers. My holy grail of the collection are 1st prints of the Marvel Star Wars #1 signed by all of the original trilogy cast. I also enjoy board games especially ones with loads of cool miniatures. I also game sinking most of my time into Dota2, Hearthstone and of late Heroes of the Storm “Best Genji”.

What was the first Costume you wore for Cosplay and did you make it yourself?

My first Costume was an attempt at a Jedi for a friends Halloween party, it consisted of some strategically folded towels a brown T shirt worn backwards, gum boots and a bath robe, because all Jedi need a bath robe! After that I wanted a proper Jedi costume as I didn’t yet know anyone in the local community I ordered on in from a store I found in the UK and wore it to the first event I “officially” cosplayed too which was Icon in 2014.

What type of genre is your favourite to Cosplay, and why?

I really love Sci-Fi and Star Wars so the first few cosplays I wore were Star Wars related.

Every Cosplayer has a favourite part of creating a costume or something they are really good at, what is yours?

I enjoyed making the helmet for MK3 Cyrax, it was the first time I used pepakura

What is your most difficult challenge in creating a costume?

I am a potato when it comes to sewing so I have allot of the costume pieces commissioned by Sin Bin: Graphic and Fashion Design

And now tell us about the cosplay that took the most amount of time to construct or make? How long did it take you, and which event did you wear it to?

My Mk3 Cyrax, it took about 4 – 5 Months working on it bit by bit in the evenings. I also don’t have much space at home so once I reached the point where I had to use resin and paint I had to do it at a friend’s house. I was only able to get there every few weekends. I wore Cyrax to Rage 2015

We all know that cosplay has been become a very expensive hobby these days, do you have hints or tips for other cosplayers as far as cutting down expenses etc. are concerned?

Don’t do drugs kids, do Cosplay

Tell us about your most epic fail ever whilst creating a costume

After I created the Cyrax helmet using pepakura.  I tried to create another helmet and got the sizing wrong. About 70% into assembling it I realised it was about x2 the size of a normal person head.

Which character do you consider to be your Holy Grail of cosplays (the one cosplay that you’ve been wanting to do since forever)?

Darth Vader which I was fortunate enough to cosplay and now recently Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.

What is the one thing that you try and avoid when making a new costume?

It’s more like one thing that you need to ensure you do and that is bathroom friendly, especially full body suits and such, as bathroom trips can be a nightmare

South Africa’s convention scene has been growing leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Where do you see opportunities for cosplay to grow at local events?

Cosplay has definitely become a staple attraction at local events and is most definitely as much of an attracting factor as the stalls, merchandise and gaming.

Which international con would you really love to go to and why?

Blizzcon and San Diego Comic Con, for all the exclusive Con Merch as every year I have all the FOMO. Also to meet some of my favourite international cosplayers / comic book artists and celebs (It has always been a lifelong dream to meet Jason David Frank, the Green MMPR)

Cosplayer Bio

Real nameSteve Kitley
Current home townJohannesburg
Ignis from Final Fantasy 15 Photography by Vile Photography

Cosplayer Roulette

You can only choose one – Star Wars or Star Trek?          

Star Wars

Who’s your favourite character and why?

Darth Vader, we both don’t like sand

Please choose one – Marvel or DC?


If you could be any of the superheroes, which one would you be and why?

Rick Sanchez, he is the greatest super hero of our dimension!

Your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse – Sonic Screwdriver or Light sabre?

Light sabre

Pictures were supplied to GES-SA by the featured Cosplayer. We do not own these pictures so if you do, and you would like to us to add the credit please drop us a mail to linda@ges-sa.com

About Linda Jager

Linda Jager
I’m proudly Geek and have a passion for all things pop-culture. Huge fan of The Walking Dead. Lover of gadgets and technology and although I’m not a gamer (sadly no hand-eye co-ordination) I find myself drawn to the gaming culture and community and how it connects with one of my biggest passions – collecting action figures and statues. I love to watch movies and series and there’s nothing better than having conversations with other people about the things I feel so passionately about. Being an 80’s child I am a huge fan of retro stuff and my Thundercats collection is one of my most prized possessions. That, and my A-Team van. Follow me on Twitter @LindaAtGES

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