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Welcome to our May 2017 edition of the GES-SA Cosplayer Of The Month! The winter weather has set in good and proper over the last couple of days but do not fear, we’ve got another HOT Cosplayer to introduce to you guys this month! Black Lily Cosplay hails from Cape Town and we’re very keen to find out a bit more about her and her cosplay journey so far….

Hi there lady! Tell us a bit more about the person behind the cosplay persona?

Hello! My name is Zayaan aka Blake. I’m a junior graphic designer and PR assistant with an honours degree in Fine Arts. I. LOVE. ANIME! I have an unhealthy cat, RWBY and mahou shojo obsession. If you ever want to bribe me, please do so with pocky, ice cream and chocolate (not guaranteeing that it will work, but you can try)

How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why do you enjoy it?

I was formally introduced to cosplay in 2014 by Bea, one of our cosplay CT admins, and was then quickly adopted into a group of friends by Yamaki, Rei-kitty and Michi Tenshi. I have been cosplaying ever since. I enjoy cosplay because it gives me the opportunity to be creative while bringing a character to life. It also gives me the opportunity to be other people and live different lives. It gives me freedom from my shy, anxious, normal self.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of cosplaying? If yes, please tell us more about it

I love baking all the yummy things! I also enjoy designing my own characters that are inspired by games and anime.

We all know that cosplay has been become a very expensive hobby these days, do you have hints or tips for other cosplayers as far as cutting down expenses etc are concerned?

Do NOT buy all the fabrics T^T I do this waaaay too often. I often use cheaper fabric or hunt for things on sale. Sale things are your friends!! With props I use cheaper materials like cardboard and foam where I can. I tend to plan my cosplays 2-3 months in advance so I can either bargain hunt or I can save up for things I really want but can’t buy in one shot.

What is the one thing that you try and avoid when making a new costume?

Last minute expenses. Because those are evil and stressful. I try very hard to buy fabric in the correct amount but I either land up with too much or too little. Not sure how that happens. Also, last minute paint jobs are the worst because my eyesight is crappy at night and night time + painting = NOPE.

Every Cosplayer has a favourite part of creating a costume or something they are really good at, what is yours?

Pleated skirts! I looooove making pleated skirts. But as of late I’ve been enjoying making digital templates for props too.

Tell us about your most epic fail ever, whilst crafting a cosplay costume

It’s difficult to choose between not being able to mix paint colours to save my life and hooking the lining when I’m sewing. Both of these tend to be running gags with every single cosplay I make. However, I ran into a major issue while making my badge for Captain Amari Ana and it took me 5 tries of vinyl printing and sleeve patterning to get it right. That was about 4 hours of frustration over a little sleeve.

Which character do you consider to be your Holy Grail of cosplays?

At the moment, definitely my Captain Amari Ana (Overwatch). I have never felt so proud of one of my creations and I absolutely loved becoming her. A big thank you to Lynzaykat for pushing me to make her XD

Which international con would you really love to go to and why?

RTX! Basically because I love the RWBY series with all my heart. I’ve sorta become associated with the character of Blake Belladonna within cosplay and I would love to meet the team that brought her to life, along with meeting the cast of the series.

South Africa’s convention scene has been growing leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Do you have any tips for the other cosplayers as to how to stay comfortable throughout the day?

To all the newer cosplayers, start off simple. We all started somewhere and I often see that newer cosplayers end up disappointing themselves when their cosplays don’t come out as they envisioned. Stay hydrated and bring snacks. Food and water is super important. Bring a fan along to keep cool if you’re going to be outside. If you’re wearing heels, pack in a pair of flat shoes to change into.

Cosplayer Bio

Real name Zayaan Farouk
Cosplay name Black Lily Cosplay
Age 24
Current home town Cape Town

Find Black Lily Cosplay On Social Media

Facebook Black Lily Cosplay
Instagram @blacklilycosplay
Twitter @BlakeLilium RitsuNemuru

Cosplayer Roulette

My favorite anime/manga is (choose one)

Naruto / Dragon Ball Z / Sailor Moon / Fullmetal Alchemist

Sailor Moon

Why do you like this particular title?

Magical girls hold a very special place in my heart. When I was younger I would always want to “be like that”: a young woman with magical powers and a strong sense of justice. Who says you can’t be pretty and also kick ass?

My favorite platform to watch or experience my favorite titles is (choose one)

Movies / TV Series / Books / Comics

TV Series

Complete the sentence: I want to run after them and tell them that……

they’re perfect no matter what anyone else says.

Captain Amari Ana Photographer - Snippets of Colour
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