Babydoll photos: Photographer: Giantshev Photography Location: Ticketpro dome Con: Rage Expo 2016
Babydoll photos: Photographer: Giantshev Photography Location: Ticketpro dome Con: Rage Expo 2016

Cosplayer Of The Month April 2017 | Blissful Wonderland Cosplay

Our April Cosplayer Of The Month is one of my favorites in the local community. You know when you stare at someone because they’re just so gorgeous to look at? Well that was me at rAge Expo 2016 when I saw Blissful Wonderland Cosplay for the first time. His Babydoll crossplay was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and yes, I was one of those people who were so surprised when I realized that it was a guy in that gorgeous costume. Sean was awesome enough to take some time to share his cosplay journey with us and to give us a peak into his cosplay mind…

Hi there Sean! Thank you for taking part in our feature, please tell us a bit more about the person behind the cosplay persona?

Well I’m Sean, I’m turning 23 years young this year. I am currently finishing my last year of studies in 3D Animation at The Animation School. I am an overall geeky shy person until you get to know me or I’m in cosplay. Then it’s a whole other story.

How and when did you get started in Cosplay and why do you enjoy it?

I first got introduced to the concept of cosplaying by my friend when she dressed up as Sakura (Naruto) to a con held by Otaku, and I have always been interested in Japan and anime. Fast forward a few years to 2014 where my friend asked if I could be a model for her for a crossplay makeup tutorial. This had a really great response so I decided for my first Cosplay i will make Alice, from the game Alice, Madness returns. This was my first self-made cosplay, and people fell in love with me being a boy dressed up as a female character. I enjoy the funny reactions i get when people realize I’m actually a guy.

Your crossplay game is extremely fierce! Tell us bit more about how you go about deciding which characters to crossplay and how you make that character your own.

There is no process that I really follow in choosing characters that I want to cosplay. If I like the character or design then I go for it. The challenging part come in with making the character work for my body. I spend about a week on average working and reworking pattern so that I can create a female body shape for a cosplay. This is kind of a way that I make a cosplay my own, through altering it slightly to best work for me and to show off the character best.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of cosplaying that you maybe want to share with us?

Yes! I am very much a geek at heart so I love gaming, TCG’s and many table top games. If I’m not busy with varsity work or cosplay you can normally find me doing one of those with friends.

What is the one thing that you try and avoid when making a new costume?

Buying too much fabric. I always somehow manage to end up with yards of unused fabric, in the strangest colors.

We all know that cosplay has been become a very expensive hobby these days, do you have hints or tips for other cosplayers as far as cutting down expenses etc. are concerned?

Plan out everything! Think about how exactly you are going to make the cosplay and what you’ll need. You don’t need to buy too many meters of a fabric if you have sat down and thought it through. Also don’t be scared to ask for help, there are many books, groups and pages that you can look at to help you out.

Every Cosplayer has a favorite part of creating a costume or something they are really good at, what is yours?

I really enjoy the patterning process and figuring out how to make a cosplay work for my body shape.

Tell us about your most epic fail ever, whilst crafting a cosplay costume

This would probably be when I made my Setsuna (Negima!) cosplay in 2015. I accidentally took out the seam allowance of the zip which resulted in the bodice being extremely tight. Needless to say, I didn’t get to eat or drink much that day.

Which character do you consider to be your Holy Grail of cosplays?

That would be the Babydoll cosplay I did in 2016. It is a character that I have been in love with since i first saw the Suckerpunch movie in 2011.

South Africa’s convention scene has been growing leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. Do you have any tips for the other cosplayers as to how to stay comfortable throughout the day?

Stay hydrated and bring a change of clothes. If you aren’t comfortable or not feeling to well, rather take a break, drink some water and rest. And if you want to get changed you can. There is always another con that you can wear the costume to.

Which international con would you really love to go to and why?

I would love to Attend Katsucon, an annual 3-day fan convention held in the D.C. metro area. Every year i sit and patiently wait for the release of the cosplay showcase videos on YouTube. I’ve always wanted to travel and to go to such a big con in the states is an absolute dream.

Cosplayer Bio

Real nameSean Robinson
Cosplay nameBlissful Wonderland Cosplay
Current home townCape Town


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Cosplayer Roulette

My favorite anime/manga from the following list is:

Naruto / Dragon Ball Z / Sailor Moon / Fullmetal Alchemist


Why do you like this particular title?

It was the first proper anime i started watching. The story and characters are amazing. Would definitely recommend it

My favorite platform to watch or experience my favorite titles is

Movies / TV Series / Books / Comics

TV Series

Sonico photos: Photographer: JCB Photography Location: The RiverClub - Cape Town Con: CTIAF 2017
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