rAge 2013 The Joker & Harley

Cosplayer of the Month | October 2013 Nasdwork’z

This month we have some old members of the GES team as our CotM, they are Nasdwork’z Cosplay duo.

Profile: Nasdwork’z Cosplay duo (Consisting of TheNasd & S!ndee)
Age: 31
Location: JHB, Gauteng
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NASDworkzCosplay
Website/s: http://donovannoyle3.wix.com/nasdworkz

GES: When did you first start cosplay? Inspiration? First Cosplay appearance at an event?

A: We first started cosplay purely by accident in 2012, it all began for a game release whereby we had to dress up as a character based on the Blizzard series. Dressing up as a skeleton warrior and an elven drow we never expected to receive such a response from onlookers at the event coming up to us for photos and a chance to meet game characters in real life, we were completely blown away, needless to say we were immediately bitten and star struck by the world of Cosplay and from that moment on we decided that this was something we would enjoy as a unique and fun filled art form.

Diablo 3 Skeleton Warrior & Elven Drow
Diablo 3 Skeleton Warrior & Elven Drow

GES: What is your most memorable moment in cosplay so far?

A: The most memorable moment for me was at Rage 2013 dressed as the Joker and S!ndee as Harley Quinn we came across a little boy who appeared to be the most avid Joker fan ever. Carrying a custom portrait of the character that his dad bought I knelt down to take the photo when he gave me the biggest hug ever and said “I love you Joker your my Favourite” man I tell you that was heart wrenching possibly the best moment I have ever experienced.

GES: Where do you get your materials for crafting your outfits?

A: Each year we try to experiment with a different material this just keeps things fresh and exciting for both S!ndee and I.

This year we took on the challenge of experimenting with wood, EVA Foam, material, and paper mache as well as professional face paint (aka make-up) which for me was a first and took quite a while to get used to. (Purchased from Kryolan)

We have the outlook of recycling products and allot of our material is sources from things that normal households throw away. Egg boxes, PVC pipes from building sites and cardboard available from nearly every retailer. If it looks like a material we can use we will take it. Polystyrene included for weapon building.

Additional materials such as the EVA foam and the paints are readily available from local hardware’s and craft shops.

rAge 2012: Male & Female Rain
rAge 2012: Male & Female Rain

GES: What is your next big project?

A: Our dear friends at Arkham SA are looking for a Batman and super heroin to beat up. We might just accept the challenge and throw in a few surprises with our own take on my favourite DC hero.

GES: Do you have any cosplayers as well as original costume designers that currently inspire you?

A: We take most of our inspiration from cosplayers around the globe. Be it from the U.S, the U.K and Asia. We don’t particularly have one cosplayer to single out as we always try to add our own spin on our outfits and give it that unique South African feel. We do however rely heavily on local support via the CosplaySA Facebook page when it comes to the technical issues surrounding the creation of a project, all the peeps on the page are extremely helpful and always willing to assist. You guys Rock!!

rAge 2012
rAge 2012

GES: What is your view on our events in terms of Cosplay? What more do you want these events to offer?

A: S!ndee and I have always had an outlook of non-competitive cosplay it’s just a personal preference I suppose. We did however experience and hear of some horror stories at the recent Rage Event 2013.

Our experience was based on a situation whereby certain expo attendees (general public) had little or no regard for our Venom bust cosplay, we had incidences where male attendees would punch the outfit and disappear into the crowd. We had to remove ourselves eventually from the event due to the final blow been struck by a non-apologetic expo attendee who blatantly broke the arm off my bust.

We think that you can never totally control the antics and behavior of your general public as it is out of the hands of the organizers, that been said we would like to see better educational and promotional material displayed at large events such as Rage. It’s good to see and hear so many responses and resolutions to this matter been addressed through social media.

Halloween 2012
Halloween 2012

GES: At conventions, events and locations are you usually approachable? Do you like it when people want to talk and discuss your art form?

A: Oh we love it!!! The fans, the crowd and fellow cosplayers make it all worthwhile. S!ndee and I are always approachable at events whether it be to discuss the art form, take a photo, perform an action pose or even do an interview here and there. As a cosplayer you take on a form of someone’s hero or mentor materializing in real life and the reward of this social interaction well it speaks for itself on a personal level at the end of the day when the doors of the convention, exhibition or show close.

rAge 2013 The Joker
rAge 2013 The Joker

GES: What advice would you give to a future cosplay enthusiast that has never cosplayed or created their own costume?

A: 1) Be daring, take chances, make mistakes (its allowed and we learn from them)
2) Never be afraid to cosplay as your favorite character because of societies expectations. You’re never too big, too small, too old or too young to show off your chosen cosplay.
3) Learn and ask for assistance from your local cosplay community when you are stuck or have a problem with a particular outfit, piece of armor or weapon.

rAge 2013 The Joker & Harley
rAge 2013 The Joker & Harley
rAge 2013 Venom & Duela Dent
rAge 2013 Venom & Duela Dent

GES: How do you feel about Cosplay in Southern Africa and how it has grown in the past few years?

A: Oh my, it’s grown tremendously just in the past year alone that we have been in the community. It’s so exciting to see new faces and new talent combining with the more experienced cosplayers in Southern Africa. I think the ladies behind Cosplay South Africa are doing great work at connecting various cosplayers from around the country. It can only go from strength to strength, I can certainly see us competing and showcasing in the World Cosplay Championships in the not so distant future.

Final Word:

Gaming Entertainment Solutions would like to thank Nasdwork’z Cosplay duo for taking their time to share their thoughts with us.

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