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Cosplayer of the Month | October 2012 Ms Sasha Perdigao

With Rage 2012 behind us ‘so quickly I might add “bring on next year”.



Gaming Entertainment Solutions is proud and excited to present and showcase an awesome interview from one of South Africa’s most highly recognized cosplayers “Ms Sasha Perdigao”



Profile: Sashi
Age: 32
Location: Cape Town
Facebook Page: Sasha Perdigao
Website: –

TheNasd: When did you start cosplaying and how long have you been cosplaying for?

A: I started cosplaying in 2003. My first cosplay experience was at Anime North in Toronto, Canada while visiting a friend. During the past 9 years I did take a hiatus from cosplaying when I moved to Cape Town due to circumstances. But when I saw the growing interest that there was for cosplay in Cape Town, I decided to start cosplaying again and creating our own events.

TheNasd: What has been your favourite cosplay since you initially started the venture?

A: One of my favourites is Fuu, she was a lot of fun to cosplay but her costume is tiring to wear and very difficult to put on.

TheNasd: What is your most memorable moment in cosplay?

A:I think it was the first time that I cosplayed, while I was trying to glue on fake eye lashes and glued my eye shut! (You never said that it had to be a good moment :) )

TheNasd: Q: Have you ever been in a group cosplay? I f so what was the theme of the event?

A: Yes I have. The first group was an Azumanga Daioh group at Icon in 2004 and Peto Peto San group at rAge in 2006. I’ve also done a duo cosplay from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

TheNasd: You recently took part in the Marvel cosplay competition can you tell us more about the event and the overall experience?

A: It wasn’t really a competition aimed at cosplayers specifically but rather the general person that may dress up for Halloween. What did make it somewhat interesting was that it was held in public a area where you usually wouldn’t see cosplayers. As with most online voting systems, the results are more based on popularity rather than “best costume” which I found to be a flaw in the competition.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

TheNasd: What are your favourite materials and sources when choosing and crafting your outfits?

A: I look for the cheapest fabrics! However I always land up spending more than I budgeted.
Materials are really based on the character’s costume and what would suit it best.

TheNasd: Could you share with us the various cosplay characters you have taken on as your own?

A: I have a tendency of choosing more obscure/unpopular characters to cosplay; I’m not really sure why. Again, I think Fuu reflected me the most. Most of the characters that I have cosplayed have been anime/manga based but I’m venturing more into cosplaying comic book characters for a change of pace.


TheNasd: Do you take on the characters antics, mannerisms and personality when you cosplay? If so how does this differ from your normal personality?

A: Most of the times I am myself in cosplay but I will “act” for photographs and video. I think it’s difficult to constantly be in character. If I’m not too familiar with the character I always do as much research as possible about the character so that I am able to reflect them as accurately as possible.

TheNasd: What is the most difficult “roadblock” you have faced when cosplaying?

A: Each cosplay presents different challenges so it’s difficult to pin point the most difficult obstacle. It’s a learning process and you figure things out as you go along no matter how impossible it seems.

TheNasd: Do you ever get that “Rock Star” feeling when in character at an event? (Photographers, fans etc,) and which event did you attend that made you feel famous?

A: Never! I’m actually quite shy so it can be a bit nerve wrecking for me.
I don’t usually cosplay very popular characters so people generally don’t fawn over me. I think the closest that I’ve gotten to experiencing that was when I cosplayed as Black Widow. Most people recognised the character and so many fans(of the character) wanted their photo taken with me.

Black Widow
Black Widow


TheNasd: Which cosplayer do you draw your inspiration from?

A: There isn’t one cosplayer in particular but rather a myriad of cosplayers and artists with different strengths that I draw inspiration from.

TheNasd: And finally how has your cosplay changed over the years and how do you see cosplay progressing in the near future for all the cosplay newbies out there?

A: My approach is somewhat different from when I first started. As a newbie you fear nothing, try anything and make a lot of mistakes. Now I’m more careful and think out how I’ll go about making something first before tackling it head on. However, I still make mistakes! The cosplay community has really grown and I believe that it’s now easier than ever for newbies to get involved.

rAge 2012
rAge 2012

Final Word:

Gaming Entertainment Solutions would like to thank Sasha for taking time out of her busy schedule to assist us with the above mentioned article and spotlight.

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