Cosplayer of the Month | November 2013 Arkham SA

This month we have the Fabulous Arkham SA as our CotM for November.

Profile:  Devin Green and Anre Van Rooyen
Age: 22 and 21
Location:  Johannesburg SA
Facebook Page:
Website: a Website is currently under construction

Arkham SA
Arkham SA

Background: Why did you create Arkham SA and why?

I’ve always loved the Batman Verse and its rouges gallery, The Joker of course being my favourite. I had cosplayed the character a few times before but never taking it as seriously. After Anre and I met and realized we both had a keen interest in the matter we decided to casually dress up for a con. After some success at KIN CON and ICON we realized that people were really beginning to enjoy us and how we portrayed the characters. My father had a passing idea of making a page and I took that up. I guess it was the best way to share our love for the craft and show people who were keen how we went about doing things. It also helps us stay excited and get amped for the projects we take on.

How many members do you have and who are they?

My Girlfriend Anre who plays Harley Quinn and Myself who plays the Joker were of course the first. Shortly after Chelsea Bently joined as Catwoman and then Micheal Nell and Nadine joined as Two Face and Penguin. There are two surprise characters coming up soon and they should be revealed next year.

When was Arkham SA’s first Cosplay event?

Anre and I attended many events before we had met but the first real one we went together was KIN CON.

What is your most memorable moment in cosplay so far?

There have been many, it’s always an honor to hear people tell me I’m the best Joker they have seen and I embody the character. I’d have to say between meeting a bunch of small kids who literally believed we were the real Joker and Harley Quinn and at Rage 2013 when the crowd Chanted JOKER calling me back on stage for more action.

What is Arkham SA’s next big project?

At the moment we are working on new costumes themed around the Arkham Origins appearances of our characters. I love the game and its designs so I’m very amped to get into it, its darker and more grungy than my usual. Anre is also excited to take our first Pre-Harley Harleen Quinnzel Costume and give it some love.

Do you have any cosplayers as well as original costume designers that currently inspire you?

For both of us the work of Anthony Misiano and his Girlfriend Alyssa has been inspiring. They take the same amount of detail and pride in their work that we hope we are achieving.


What will your ideal Cosplay event entail?

An event that is friendly to all cosplay needs. While we love that attention it’s sometimes difficult to get away and have a rest when there’s no section dedicated to the cosplayers.

At conventions, events and locations are you usually approachable? Do you like it when people want to talk and discuss your art form?

Of Course, We love the photos and support, pleasing the fans and discussing our passion is what makes it all worth it.

What advice would you give to a person interested in becoming a Cosplayer?

I would say, and some others may not agree with me. But find one character you love completely and decide to spend at least a year working on it before you begin another. I’ve seen with the Joker that every time I do it, something improves and gets more refined. If I had only done this character once it would never have reached its full potential.

Is Arkham SA looking for new members and what should they do if they are interested in joining?

Yes! Our hope is to acquire the entire Batman rouges gallery. We only want one of each character however so no doubles. You would need to be dedicated and love the character you are going to become and be willing to keep refining it. If anybody wants to join they can just pop us a message on our FB page.


How do you feel about Cosplay in Southern Africa and how it has grown in the past few years?

I think it’s grown massively, especially this year. It’s fantastic, the more people getting into it the better.

At rAge we heard of many Cosplayers being harassed and their costumes or props being damaged, what is your view on this and what in your opinion can organizers do to prevent this in the future?

Yes we unfortunately also experienced a bit of this. The Problem with Rage is that it attracts a broader audience than the smaller Cons like Geek Fest. Some of these people do not understand the cosplay community and so insult or abuse it. It’s a difficult matter to solve but I believe the cosplayers should be given a proper section to rest and have a break away from the other con goers. It may sound extreme but perhaps a form of body guards dressed up as characters like Hulk or superman can watch these areas and if there are cases of abuse they can remove the people at fault immediately.  

Photograph Credits: Ky Goulden and Werner Buitendag

GES would like to Thank Arkham SA for taking the time to chat with us, if you have any suggestions for our Cosplay Corner or would like to enquire on how to become the next CotM send us a mail @

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