Cosplayer of the Month | June 2013 Baka Sakura

For June we have the famous Baka Sakura as our Cosplayer for the month.

Profile: Baka Sakura
Age: 25
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Facebook Page:



Shay: When did you start cosplaying? What inspired you to start?

A: I started cosplaying seriously around 2-3 years ago. I can’t say I started long ago like others, since Halloween and the odd dress up party to me don’t count.

Shay:What are your most memorable cosplay moments?

A: Most memorable… Wow, when I meet new cosplayers every time! Recently I attended Kin Con in Gauteng and met so many inspiring cosplayers. Another moment would be, when I won a place in the top14 at FCBD 2013. I’ve never entered a Cos Comp before, and felt so proud and humbled.



Shay: What costumes can we expect to see from you in the future?

A: At the moment… quite a few, hahaha! Cosplayer curse, I tell you. You can expect Mizukage from Shippuden, Madoka from Puella Magi Magica Madoka as part of a group cosplay; and Shampoo from Ranma ½. I’ll be pairing up with Sasha for that one.

Shay: What are the most difficult aspects of costuming?

A: My cosplay kryptonite is definitely styling and altering wigs. I SUCK AT IT. Hahahaha! Luckily I haven’t had to do any hardcore wig styling… yet. But I will conquer this challenge.



Shay: When creating a costume, what is most important to you? (Comfort, fabrics, accuracy, or anything else)

A: I think quality over quantity. Even though I am working on a bunch of costumes at the moment, I am not planning on churning them out. I think if one thoroughly plans a costume, and work on it for a decent amount of time, it will definitely show.

Also, I can be quite pedantic about accuracy, within reason of course. But that being said, what’s the point of wearing an awesome, hardcore costume that you can hardly move or breathe in? Comfort is a definite must-have.

One thing that I’ve always been repeating is: dressing according to your body shape. I’m not just referring to curvy cosplayers here. People should dress according to what would look appealing and flattering on them. I’m not saying you are limited, I’m just saying that I’d never go wear a tummy showing costume, because my tummy hasn’t seen the sun in ages. And the gym. Sooooo, work with what you got.

Shay: Do you prefer to cosplay solo or in groups?

A: OH MY GOSH GROUP! Without a shadow of doubt. It’s so much fun – all the way from planning, right through to the end result.



Shay: Do you have any advice those who are new to cosplay, particularly those who have never created a costume before?

A: I only started sewing my own costumes fairly recently, so I’d say if you are looking to sew specifically, practice a lot and start small. As for crafting, I read and collect sooooo many tutorials on crafting items and props, as well as bug other experienced cosplayers. Knowledge really is power in this case.

Shay: Which of your cosplays do you love the most? Why?

A: I love Tsunade, because she is so powerful and awesome. It’s like she lends it to me when I’m cosplaying her, so I feel really bad ass. But to be honest, I feel pride with all my costumes.



Shay: Do you take on the personality or mannerisms of a character when in costume?

A: Hahaha, I guess I already answered that. Yes, I do! Sometimes, I think, a little too much. I really do believe that the gods of cosplay, if I may be so dramatic, bless me with temporary confidence that I sorely lack in real life.



Shay: What is your view on wigs, contacts and makeup? Are they essential to a cosplay?

A: SO VERY ESSENTIAL. I know it may seem biased since I sell these items, but I really do believe that these items can make or break a cosplay. You are the embodiment of the character, you bring them to life. So focussing on these key elements will definitely help you achieve a great-looking cosplay.



Shay: What is your view on the South African cosplay community? Where do you think it’s going and what would you like to see in it?

A: I’m a very firm believer in the Cos Community, purely because that’s what drives me to cosplay. A community that grows, cosplays and has fun together. If everyone had to break up into their own little small groups, cosplay would lose its magic.

As for the future, I can only hope for it to be bright. I was recently chosen as a Cosplay Cape Town Admin (Not as serious and official as it sounds). I must say that we are in the process of inventing new ways to make this community grow. We are hoping to have a lot more workshops, have a platform where new cosplayers can seek advice and tips, create more indoor events, etc. Only great things to come.

Final Word:

Gaming Entertainment Solutions would like to thank Baka for taking their time to share their thoughts with us.

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