Cosplayer of the Month | July 2013 Inge

For this cold winter month we have Inge (Chibi) as our Cosplayer for the month.

Profile: Chibi, Chibi-chan, or as Hen Hai know me: Commander Chibi
Age: 23
Location: Pretoria North and Johannesburg South
Facebook Page:
Website/s: DeviantArt:
World Cosplay:



Shay: What are your reasons for getting into cosplay? When and why did you start?

A: I always loved costumes and to stand out and look awesome and different. And loving fabric, which was a brilliant idea to ‘become’ the characters I like!
I started in 2006, when we were forced to pick a theme for a Halloween party (some friends’ parents refused a plain Halloween party) and so we picked Final Fantasy, and after watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent children, I decided on Kadaj. I even got my hair cut to match his. The outfit came out awesome! But never again will I wear fake leather in summer.



Shay: Could you name a few of the characters you’ve cosplayed as? How do you decide which characters to cosplay?

A: I watch an anime, see a cute or awesome character which I really like and then BANG! I cosplay the character; unless it was planned as a group cosplay, then I’ll pick one that might be the least favourite or the most tricky one (I love challenges) Characters I have cosplayed so far:

• BLEACH: Yachiru, Rukia, Unohana, Byakuya, Nemu, Zabimaru (just the Chimpette part), Renji, Nelliel Tu Odelchwank
• D.GRAY-MAN: Miranda Lotto, Kanda Yuu
• NARUTO: Itachi, Orochimaru, Konan
• CHRONO CRUSADE: Rosette Christopher
• BLACK BUTLER: Madam Red / Angelina Durless
• FRUITS BASKET: Tohru Honda
• GINTAMA: Katzura
• HAKUOUKI: Chizuru
• RUROUNI KENSHIN: Kaoru, Kenshin
• SOUL EATER: Soul Eater Evans
…and that is all I can think of. I might have skipped one or 2… I think…



Shay: What are the most important aspects of a costume from your perspective?

A: It should look accurate, meaning if there is detail on the anime character, it should be on you as well. Jewellery and small items complete the costume, for example: do not wear sneakers with a Naruto cosplay. Your toes should show except if you are one of those super special characters. And if your character needs a ring, you should need a ring!

Shay: What does your crafting process usually involve? What is your favourite part of making a costume?

A: My crafting process involve (1) fabric, pattern and bits hunting, (2) referencing and cutting, and (3) sewing and crafting, and last but not least (4) Final assembly and fitting.

My favourite part is sewing and crafting. Why? Because it is that step where you can see things happen. It’s amazing to see what a bit of creativity, lick of paint and some thread can do!



Shay: Since you started cosplaying, what is your favourite cosplay and why?

A: I love all my cosplays but my Rukia one will always have a soft spot in my heart seeing as that was my first convention competition entry and I found my love while planning a shoot with Rukia and Renji!



Shay: As a cosplayer in South Africa, what tips can you give to the rest of us, or new cosplayers?

A: Stay calm! And never drink Sake before a competition. Oh and remember: we are all human so the other cosplayers and audience won’t bite (or so they say), and if you are super scared grab a buddy and hug! And if you are new, don’t be scared to talk to the other cosplayers. We are all crazy and we will help you where we can.

Shay: What costumes can we expect to see from you at future events?

A: Hmmm… I’m planning for the near-far future maybe Honey-Senpai (Ouran High School Host Club), Inuyasha, Yue Ying (Dynasty Warriors), Selphie and Rinoa(Final Fantasy VIII) …



Shay: What is your most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?

A: That will be 2009, when we did a skit at rAge: Itachi vs Orochimaru and I slipped (too soon and not staged), squeaked and fell – and yes it is on Youtube!

Final Word:

Gaming Entertainment Solutions would like to thank Inge for taking their time to share their thoughts with us.

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