Cosplayer of the Month | December 2013 SewLeigh

For this Festive month we have the wonderful Leigh le Roux. Check out this great interview and may you all have a Wonderfull Festive time!

Profile:  Leigh “SewLeigh” le Roux
Age: 24
Location:  Pretoria South Africa
Facebook Page:


Background: What sparked your interest into Cosplay and how did you start?

My interest in cosplay was sparked by the people on the internet and also always when I attended CONS I was always amazed by other people’s really awesome cosplays. I then last year just randomly decided that it would be a very nice (And expensive) hobby to have. I regret nothing


What was the first Costume you created?

My first costume that I created was Konan from Naruto. I had absolutely no knowledge or experience in last year but I knew that I wanted to cosplay. So I scratched together all things that I had in my house and some of the crafting material I had and made the cosplay.

When creating your own costumes what difficulties do you get and how do you get past them?

Time. I have difficulty planning ahead sometimes. I am the type of person that would try to finish a cosplay 2 weeks before the actual CON.

I make it difficult on myself sometimes by wanting to Cosplay for a CON but not really planning to make the cosplay like I see other cosplayers do


What is your most memorable moment in cosplay so far?

I have a couple of memorable moments.

Woo wee  that’s a difficult questions because I try to remember all the moments from shopping for the materials for my cosplay to the actual date of the cosplay where I just hang out with my friends in their cosplays and just act silly all together.

It’s the memories that I make with my friends that I remember at the CONS



What is your next big project?

Mmmm. It’s the planning for my rAge cosplay next year. I am trying to push new boundaries with my own cosplay and I am trying my best to push myself outside of the comfort zone that I am in

Do you have any cosplayers as well as original costume designers that currently inspire you?

I have a lot! There are a lot of cosplayers that inspire me to become a better cosplayer in the end but I will have to say that Yaya-han and Kamui Cosplay is my ultimate favorites due to the difficulty in their cosplays.




What will your ideal Cosplay event entail?

If my friends are there in their cosplay, makes it perfect for me. I know it sounds corny but that’s how I feel


At conventions, events and locations are you usually approachable? Do you like it when people want to talk and discuss your art form?

Oh goodness me, yes! I love it when people admire my hard work and gives me super butterflies in the stomach if they ask me for a photo. Then I know I have done a good job with my cosplay


What advice would you give to a person interested in becoming a Cosplayer?

Don’t be afraid to cosplay what you want to cosplay. If you let your entire life be consumed by fear, you will miss out on a lot.

Also you can learn something new every day. It just makes you a lot wiser in the end

What is your involvement in the local Cosplay community and where do you see gaps that need to be filled?

I am involved in the Cosplay N00bies South Africa group which is a group solely made for the person that wants to start cosplaying. If you want to start cosplaying, that group is for you

Also next year, I am planning to help out some cosplayers by teaching some few basic skills that’s necessary for making cosplays and hopefully they can also teach me a thing or 3. It’s still in the planning process but I am very determined in helping others out


How do you feel about Cosplay in Southern Africa and how it has grown in the past few years?

I feel extremely proud! I know a couple of years ago when I went to ICON and rAge that there was only like 3-4 cosplayers. I never thought that the industry would grow. But now I can see a lot more people are interested in cosplaying and a lot more people know that it’s not just a hobby anymore but it’s a lifestyle that some people choose


At rAge we heard of many Cosplayers being harassed and their costumes or props being damaged, what is your view on this and what in your opinion can organizers do to prevent this in the future?

For rAge I cosplayed as a Lolita Harley Quinn that I designed myself and I had a giant mallet that I carried along with me. I often had someone tapping the base of the mallet, where I turned around to see who it was and knocked over a couple of other people as I did so.

The one old man (I never told someone this) wanted to toss his garbage in the mallet since he thought it was a trash can and soon realized it was a prop for a cosplay. It didn’t bother me as much then. I just laughed and shrugged it off but afterwards felt like his ‘joke’ was in poor taste

How to prevent it? Mmm. There is no way to prevent it really (Not that I can think of now anyways) since you can’t control a mass crowd like rAge but I think it’s better just to make other people more aware of the fact that cosplayers are people. And they worked hard to show off their love of a fandom. And instead of bashing the person’s cosplay: Maybe just then admire their cosplay.

That’s what I did before I started cosplaying. I admired them from a far

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Elrize Jansen Van Vuuren – Kimiko –

Thank you Leigh for taking time to do the interview with us. We hope you all enjoyed this Interview and as always you can send any recommendations to us.

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