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Cosplayer of the Month | April 2014 Sushibunny Cosplay

Before Winter hits us in the face, we have another Cosplayer for you, This Month we have the humble Taz “Sushibunny” Noble. Enjoy!

Profile:  Taz Noble
Age: 25
Location: Johannesburg
Facebook Page: Sushibunny Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sushibunny-Cosplay/156976161141831

Taz 1

Background: Tell us a bit more of yourself? How did you get started in Cosplay and why you Love it??

Where do I start without sounding odd? I’m a full-time working single mom. I work during the day and once my daughter is asleep, the sewing machine is switched on and I work on cosplay until about 12. In all honesty I was never a huge anime fan haha. I watched the odd anime here and there but that was mainly on Animax on Dstv. A friend eventually got me up to date episodes of Naruto and I watched the first fifty episodes in a few days as I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. I think I was Google looking up wallpaper of my new favourite character, Sakura Haruno. A particular picture caught my eye. When I realized that people actually got dressed up as the characters from Naruto and all other anime’s, I knew that was my calling. I knew that was what I wanted to do.

What was the first Costume you wore for Cosplay and did you make it yourself?

The first cosplay I ever made was Sakura Haruno. I made the outfit as best I could considering I didn’t have a sewing machine. I googled how other people created her outfit and their skill amazed me. I basically ended up using what I had in my house. I destroyed clothing I had to create my new cosplay (so worth it haha). I had help from my dad who helped me hot glue the Haruno clan symbol to the back of my Sakura shirt. I bought my first ever wig. It was nothing fancy. I knew nothing of good quality wigs or where to get one. I ended up buying a cheap party wig, brutally chopping it short and dying it pink haha. I regret nothing!

Taz 2

What is your most difficult challenge in creating a costume?

I can’t really think of a difficulty I have at the moment. If I ever get stuck, I’m never too shy to ask other more experienced cosplayers for help or jumping on Youtube to look up a tutorial. I’d probably say one problem I have is creating armour. It’s just not my strong point. I’m terrified of working with fibreglass or resin.

Every Cosplayer has a favorite part of creating a costume or something they are really good at, what is yours?

I’d have to say the whole process is my favourite part. From drawing out my idea sketches right to the end of finally putting on the cosplay (most of the time realising that something doesn‘t fit right or breaks haha). I’d have to say my all time favourite though is weapons. There is something about making weapons looks realistic even though it’s just foam board, cardboard and lots of glue in the end haha!

Taz 3

Your best Cosplay moment so far?

I have two actually. My first was my first ever convention which was KinCon hosted by Morgane T LeLeux. I was invited by a close friend Jeanine Hartog. I was nervous and wasn’t sure how other people would take to my cosplay. I was so nervous that I invited a non-cosplay friend to the event and created a cosplay for her just so I wasn’t alone. We went as Neliel and Halibel from Bleach. It was awesome because that is where I met all my cosplay friends. My second was rAge 2013. It was the first time I went to rAge and again I was nervous but I was so much more confident. I was so happy that people would come up to me and recognise my character even though she technically didn’t exist. I went as a female Assassin/Sakura Haruno. A ninja Assassin haha!

What costume are you planning on making or wearing next?

I am currently working on a few. I’m working on Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, I’m finishing up my Legend of Korra cosplay and right on the side I’m working on Tomb Raider Anniversary and Vi from League of Legends.

Taz 4

How do you decide on what to cosplay?

At first I thought I was really organised by having an Upcoming Cosplay list and that I’d create the characters as an event neared. I was wrong. Now whenever I see a character that interests me or when someone asks to duet cosplay with me, I drop everything I’m doing and I work on that. I think my Upcoming Cosplay list is more like a “I’ll get there soon…kinda…hopefully…list”.

What Cosplay events do you attend and what do you expect them?

Whenever there is an event, I’m there. Ever since becoming a member of the cosplay community, knowing about events has become so much easier and in turn has made it easier to plan a cosplay for. Whether it be a main convention or a cosplay picnic…I’m there.

Taz 5

If you were given the chance would you do Cosplay for a living?

If it paid for my rent, car, petrol, medical aid, my daughter’s school fees and day to day necessities…I would cosplay for a living in a heartbeat. It is such a strong passion and it really is something I love doing. Even though it doesn’t make money, I’ll still cosplay. I work hard so that I can pay for my hobby. The cosplay community is where I want my daughter to grow up. I want her to see just how amazing our community is and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being labelled an Otaku, or nerd or geek. It is a title we wear with honour.

At conventions, events and locations are you usually approachable? Do you like it when people want to talk and discuss your art form?

Oh my gosh! Yes! I personally feel I am approachable. I am never grumpy at conventions or events. When people ask for a photo, I never say no. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if I take my phone out for a selfie with someone who likes my cosplay. My friends and supporters make me who I am. I love it when people approach me to discuss cosplay. Even if it isn’t cosplay related, if you want to talk, I’m all ears!

What is your involvement in the local Cosplay community and where do you see gaps that need to be filled?

I just try to be a big…or little…sister to other cosplayers or even non-cosplayers. I want people to realize I’m not just there to cosplay. If anyone has personal problems that they need advice on, I’m always there. I can’t really say I see any gaps in the cosplay community. I only tend to feel there can be favouritism amongst more well-known cosplayers and that if you don’t make the cut, they will not acknowledge you. I don’t really see this as a bad thing, it only means I will work harder at what I do best…which is cosplay.

Taz 6

How do you feel about Cosplay in South Africa?

I am absolutely ecstatic that cosplay in South Africa is growing so quickly! It feels like a new cosplayer is born every day in SA. I am very proud of our community as a whole from cosplayers to gamers to fans. Our community isn’t just a community…we are a family.

Thank you Taz for participating with our monthly Cosplayer info and Congratulations on being our April 2014 Cosplayer of the Month.

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