Cosplayer of the Month | May 2013 Resonance Cosplay

This month we have not one CotM but TWO, Saiyuki & Nakashi. Otherwise known as Resonance Cosplay!

Profile: Resonance Cosplay
Members: Saiyuki Kashuri & Nakashi Oroshu
Age: both 17
Location: Port Elizabeth
Facebook Page: Saiyuki | Nakashi
Website/s: Facebook Group
World Cosplay – Saiyuki
World Cosplay – Nakashi
Deviantart – Saiyuki
Deviantart – Nakashi



Shay: When did you start cosplaying and how long have you been cosplaying for?

A: We started out in 2010 and have been improving ever since.

Shay: What does being a cosplayer mean to you? What attracted you to cosplay?

A: Saiyuki: Cosplaying to me, is a chance to express myself and have lots of crazy fun. I was introduced to this crazy new world by Nakashi while we were sitting outside on our lunch break at school.

Nakashi: Well, cosplaying to me is a chance to be someone way more exciting than my usual self, and to express my love for whatever character I cosplay. The work that goes into it, and how proud you feel afterwards always counts, and of course, at the end of the day, having fun, in something that YOU made and can relate too. What attracted me to it was my simple love of dressing up, but when I realised I was getting a bit ‘old’ for children’s ‘dress up’ I was quite disheartened. Discovering ‘cosplay’ was a thrill, not only could you dress up in WHATEVER you wanted, there were tons of other people that would gladly do it with you from all over the world.

Shay: What cosplays are you working on currently or planning for the future?

A: Saiyuki: Uhm… Too many actually. I could have a different character for each day for about two months. But some of the more known ones are Drocell, Undertaker, Grell and Ciel from the Kuroshitsuji series, followed by Busujima Saeko, Kamui Gakupo (Possibly Hatsune Miku in the future), Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Juvia Loxer, Rogue Cheney, blah blah blah. The rest you will just have to wait and see.

Nakashi: Honestly, I haven’t made up my mind yet, my Skyrim robes took me a good 6 months (on and off of course) and I haven’t had much time to think of other cosplays, but what I do hope to do, after my cosplay creating break of course, is Jack Frost, Dr Stein from Soul Eater and possibly Mephisto from Ao no Exorcist

Nakashi as Jellal and Saiyuki as Ezra from Fairy Tail.
Nakashi as Jellal and Saiyuki as Ezra from Fairy Tail.

Shay: What goes into your average costume? What fabrics and techniques do you tend to use?

A: Saiyuki: Fabrics… well… Cotton and Nylon mostly. Usually my Gran/Dad and I stare at a picture for a few hours and then something just clicks and we figure it out, or we just edit an existing pattern. Armour… that involved lots of hours in front of the internet searching tutorials and pictures to make it accurate.

Nakashi: Honestly, I am no expert at fabrics, but I have noticed I use a fair amount of cotton, or any material which is durable and thick, never shiny smooth material though…too difficult to work with. I taught myself to sew, so I’m not the greatest cosplay maker in the world, I use the bare basics of sewing, and that’s really all I can tell you.


Shay: How do you choose which characters to cosplay as?

A: Saiyuki: Mainly on the character’s personality if it is similar to mine in any way… or love of cakes and sweets.

Nakashi: To be correct on my own terms, it is more of “The character chooses me” I NEVER cosplay a character I don’t have a connection with, I might not know ‘what’ connection…but there will always be something that draws me to a character. Each character I cosplay has a meaning to me, sometimes I can tell you what it is…and sometimes I cannot. For me, cosplaying a character that I don’t have a connection with is a waste of my time…and money. I’m supposed to be enjoying it. I can’t enjoy a character I have nothing in common with.


Shay: Your recent Skyrim cosplays are stunning! Could you tell us more about the construction and preparation for those costumes?

A: Saiyuki: My Nightingale armour (made with Pleather), was pure torture!!! Ha-ha I kid… mostly. It involved a lot of confusion, irritation, and pin pricking. I spent most of my time as a dummy while my dad measured and sewed. Then I would cut other pieces and paint everything with a silver lining, until we realised it still needed to be black (previously grey). The night before the fayre, we were up until 5am spray painting, painting detail, adding straps etc. But all in all, it was a wonderful experience. And I will happily do it again as the outcome made us very proud.

Nakashi: I began incredibly early (September last year) when I was still very much deep into my obsession with Skyrim, but unfortunately discovering I had no skill in armour making, (and no craft foam available in this small city) I deviated towards the ‘mage Robe’ Idea…the only nice ones I found were the Thalmor’s Robes. So, I modified my one and only pattern (I have only ever used one pattern for ALL my cosplays, a few modifications and you have a new one). I was honestly quite surprised how well it had turned out, but then again, I put my absolute everything into the outfit, it was my first time making the ENTIRE thing all by myself, and yes, I was very, very proud. The most difficult part of it however would definitely have to be the painting. All the gold patterns on the outfit are hand painted with some stunning gold fabric paint, and the only way I got it so neat, was by sticky taping stencils – yes, even the curved parts were ALL sticky tape stuck at careful angles. Each golden part of the robe had three layers of the paint…needless to say…I used up two whole tape reels.


Shay: You’re from an area where cosplay isn’t as popular as in other cities. Does this affect your cosplay a lot?

A: Saiyuki: You could say that… People give you very funny looks sometimes. But we are growing used to it. It can get awkward when someone from school that you don’t know very well looks at your cosplays though…Makes you feel self-conscious. But we continue anyway.

Nakashi: Yes, yes it does. You put a lot into an outfit, and there’s no one to appreciate it, besides each other. Taking photos is a bit difficult in public places too, so we avoid it, which has an effect on our photo’s… It’s rather unfortunate, and it can get very lonely. We haven’t had a chance to discuss tips and techniques with other cosplayers or share fandom love for each other’s outfits in person, but we still hope to attend an event someday and meet the fantastic SA Cosplaying community we are blessed with. All I can say is, be grateful for the event opportunities you have, and make each one count.

* We hope to attend rAge this year, if we can get the money to get there.

Saiyuki crossplaying as Tony Stark from Iron Man
Saiyuki crossplaying as Tony Stark from Iron Man

Shay: Cosplay costumes can be awkward to store as they can take up a lot of space or are very delicate. What are your tips for storing costumes?

A: Saiyuki: Build another cupboard – that’s what I did – or keep everything tightly sealed in its original packaging if bought. I have all of my wigs in their packaging neatly packed in a large storage box to ensure safety and minimum tangling.

Nakashi: I’m really not that great with storing my cosplays, since I don’t have much room for them, but those coat hanger zip bags are of great use when you have nowhere else to put your cosplay, and have to resort to stuffing them in with the rest of your clothes, heh. Wig heads are great! Or, if you don’t have any (like me) keep them in their original packet, and store them neatly in a drawer.

Saiyuki as Temari from Naruto
Saiyuki as Temari from Naruto

Shay: What is your favourite costume that you’ve made/worn?

A: Saiyuki: No doubt… NIGHTINGALE ARMOR!! It looked so awesome in the photos I’ve seen of myself.

Nakashi: Like Saiyuki, MY SKYRIM THALMOR ROBES. I’m so happy with it, really, and so very, very proud, my dear precious.

Shay: What is your dream cosplay?

A: Saiyuki: Well the only one that comes to mind right now, is the Big Daddy Suit from the Bioshock Game Series. I know how to make it… I just need the time, money, materials, and a proper place to cosplay it… Maybe RAGE this year?

Nakashi: I really haven’t thought about it THAT much, but Anders from Dragonage I think would be one of them, and in fact, a Skyrim cosplay WAS my dream, so I am a very happy cosplayer at the moment. But my absolute cosplay ‘situation’ dream is to get a very large medieval fantasy cosplay group together and take some genuine medieval traveling pictures, horses and all (sort of like The Hobbit, or Lord of the Rings).


Final Word:

Gaming Entertainment Solutions would like to thank Saiyuki & Nakashi for taking their time to share their thoughts with us.

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